Seven Cups – Simple No Fail Diwali Sweet


Seven Cups, as the  name  suggests  is  made   with  seven cups of  ingredients .   Any measuring  cup  will do as  long  as  all ingredients  are  measured  using the  same.  My first  trial  had  me  hooked .  The  perfect  fudge  like  texture  with a  simple  recipe . Now  it  has  become  a  tradition  to make  this  during   Diwali ,  but  that is not  to  say  that we don’t  make  it  otherwise 🙂 .

I rarely make  halwas  or  burfies. But  this  is  an   exception – it  is pretty much a  no fail desert.   I am not  sure   who came  up  with this  simple  but  genius  recipe, but  it  has  never  let me  down . You tinker  with the  recipe  a bit and  still  end up with a  pretty good  desert. The  original instruction  I  was  given  asked  to  combine  all  7 cups  of  ingredients  and  cook.  This required  constant  stirring  to avoid  lumps.  Mix , heat ,  stir till done , can it  get  any simpler ?

The  original  recipe  called  for 3  cups   ( about   50% sugar) and  ghee.   The  large  amount  of   sugar  gives a  beautiful crystallized  texture  to the  sweet. Reduce the  sugar  by 1/2 C    without  any noticeable  textural changes.  But cutting   down  more   sugar  will  yield a  more  sticky   sweet.  As for ghee, I replace  it   with butter, but  that is  just a  matter  of  personal  preference.  I   use  desiccated  coconut  (grated  dry  coconut) as  well,  as  it  reduces   cooking  time  and  the  burfi   stays  fresh longer. If  you have only fresh or  frozen  ,  these  will work as  well .  Just   add  the   coconut  to the   roasted besan   and toast a   little before  adding  the   sugar.  Now  to the recipe ….

Seven Cups

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour


Besan (Chickpea Flour) - 1 C
Butter - 1 C
Grated Coconut - 1 C
Milk - 1 C
Sugar - 3 C
Cardamon - 3 Pods


Measure the ingredients and have them ready. Grease a plate or pan to pour the burfi into and set aside.

Heat a thick bottomed pan over medium heat. Place 1 C butter in the warm pan . Add the besan when the butter is partially melted. Stir and roast roast the besan over medium heat until it becomes fragrant.

Reduce the heat to low and add the 3 C sugar to the roasted besan. Mix well. Before the sugar melts add the milk. Over medium to low heat cook this mix stirring often.

Once the mix comes to a vigorous boil add the grated coconut and powdered cardamom and mix in well.

As soon as the mixture begins to pull away from the sides of the pan remove from the heat and transfer to the waiting greased pan. Work quickly and use the back of the spatula to evenly spread the burfi in the pan. Use a greased sharp knife to cut the burfi into desired pieces while still very warm. Let cool before separating the pieces .


  • You can reduce the sugar in this recipe by 1/2 C without noticeable effect in the texture.
  • Add 1/2 to 1C dry fruits/ nuts, if desired, after the milk comes to a boil .
  • If using fresh or frozen coconut add it soon after the besan is toasted.

Here is  the  recipe in detail .  Few  important points  to   remember   before  you  start  to cook

  • Have  all the  ingredients  ready  before  you start.
  • Grease  and  set aside a  heatproof flat plate  or  pan  to  pour  the  burfi into .
  • Use a   heavy bottomed  pan for  cooking ,  preferably one  that  is a few  inches  deep  to  avoid  splattering  and  overflow.

I use  butter in my recipes ,  but  you can  use  oil or  ghee  as  well .  Take  a  heavy bottomed pan  and  heat  it over  medium heat . Once  the pan is  warmed up add  the  butter  to  the pan. When the  butter is  halfway melted  add  1 C  besan . Stir  well  to get a  lump free mix. It is  easy  to  mix  the  besan   without  forming   lumps into    the  melting  butter . Keep the  heat  at   medium to low    .

One  the  mix  is  lump free increase  the  heat  to   medium  and   cook  till  the  the  besan  is roasted.   The  smell of  the   flour  changes   . Keep  stirring    to  avoid   burnt  bits .  It  takes  about  10 minutes  on  medium heat . The  mix  becomes  aromatic  and   it  begins  to  froth  up . Add  sugar  in  parts  and  mix  in.

Once  all the  sugar  is  added  and  mixed in  the   mix  should  look  dry  and  coarse . Immediately add  the milk  before  the  sugar is  melted .  Mix  well  and  bring  it  back to the  smooth  consistency .

Cook  over  medium heat  stirring  continuously. Once  the  mix  comes  back to  boil   add  the  desiccated   coconut (grated dry coconut)  and  mix  in  well.  The  desiccated  coconut  does  not  add  any extra  moisture  to the  mix  and  the  burfi  stays  fresh longer .  Bring it  back to  boil   and  add  the  powdered  cardamom , if  using.

Keep  stirring , if  necessary  reduce  the  heat  to prevent  the  mixture  from  sticking to the  bottom .   The  mixture  thickens  visibly  and  begins  to  stick to  the  sides .  Turn off the   heat   when the  mixture  begins  to pull  away from the  sides.  Another  way to  determine  if  it  is  ready is  by  placing  a  drop of  the  mix  in a  plate. If  it  spreads   and  looks  glossy  keep  cooking , on the  other hand  if it   solidifies   immediately turn off  the  heat  and  transfer  into the   waiting  pan  immediately.   Use  the  back of  the  spatula   to spread  the  mix  if  needed.

sevencupsburfi21 There are a  few  differnt  ways  to portion   this . Use a  greased  knife  to  draw  lines  in the  burfi   when it is  still hot . Alternately  you can wait  for  it  cool  down  completely  and  flip it  to a   a clean  cutting  board  and   divide  into pieces .

These  stay  fresh for  a  week , may be longer , in  an airtight   container . This is a  wonderful addition to  any  homemade  sweet box  for  Diwali.

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