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Affiliate Disclaimer

Occasionally  in the posts  you might  find  me  recommending  certain  products or  services .  Some  of  these  could  be  affiliate links.

How is  that  important ?  I may  earn a  small  commission   when  you buy products  through  that an  affiliate  link.   The  commission is  paid  by the  retailer  and  in no way impacts  what  you would  have  paid  otherwise.   This  helps  me  offset some  of the cost  involved in  maintaining  the  blog.

Regardless  of  whether  it is an affiliate link or  not – I will  recommend  only those  products  that  I personally  approve of.  I am not  paid   to merely endorse   any  products  or  services.

Please to contact me  if at  any point in  time  you  feel  that  the product in question   does  not  meet  the   exceptions  or  if it  promotes  unethical  practices.