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Kerala Style Chicken Stew - Ishtu

Chicken In Creamy Coconut Milk And Spices- Kerala Kozhy Ishtu

“I love love love this! No Kerala meal is  complete   without  Appam and  Stew !” N exclaimed.  I wanted  to  disagree,  but  her  excitement  was so genuine that I didn’t  have the  heart.    I can  count a few  other  Kerala meals  that  could  equal or  rival this, but  I get  it.  Lacy appams  and  creamyRead more
Hot Cross Bun Loaf

A Loaf Of Hot Cross Buns !

Hot Cross  Buns –  every  year  we make then Feb and March.  I make at least one  batch of  the  traditional  buns  and  then a  few  with  my own spin on it .   This  year it is a  whole  wheat  version  formed into a  loaf.  It is soft, spicy  loaded  with  fruits  and  can be Read more
Easiest Shrimp Momos

30 Minute Shrimp Momos – The Easiest Steamed Shrimp Dumpling Recipe

  Steaming hot  momos  fresh out of  the   steamer   are a  treat  on cold  foggy days.  These  steamed dumplings  came  from Tibet are  similar  to the  Japanese gyoza or  the Chinese steamed  won-tons.  These  simple , satisfying  dish  have  become  very popular  wherever  the  Tibetan diaspora  spread , and I for one  am glad  for Read more
WhiteChocolate Raspberry Mousse

The Easiest White Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse – Egg Free & Gelatin Free | #foodBloggerLove

Chocolate  and  raspberries   isn’t that a match made in  heaven ?  Add to that a  soft  melt  in the mouth  packaging  that is  perfect  for  sharing. Oh yes , I am  talking  about   White  Chocolate  Raspberry  Mousse.   And  the  best  part  is  you can make  it all  without  breaking a  sweat.


Travel Stories

Point Arena Lighthouse

Enchanted Yet ? – Point Arena Lighthouse

Waves  crashing  constantly on the  rocks,  as if  to keep time  eternally, this  is Point  Arena.  Just pure  nature, and  a  man made  lighthouse. The lighthouse  stands at  the tip of a narrow  peninsula  jutting  about  half a mile into the pacific Ocean – serene and  ethereal.   In the sparsely populated  cost  of  Northern  California Read more
Cinder Cone - Lassen

Cinder Cone At Lassen – On The Hiking Trail

  We were at  the  visitor  center  at Lassen  National  Park poring over  the map.  For  a  nature  lover there  are many interesting  things  to  do here.   I knew  what  I   must to do  the  minute i saw  the  picture of  the  Cinder Cone  Trail.  Lassen  has  no  dearth of volcanic  domes –Read more




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