Roasted Kabocha Squash With A Hint Of Sweet And Warm Spices

Hot And Sweet Roasted Kabocha squash

Roasted  Kabocha   slices make a  light and  satisfying  side  dish.   It is  easy to make  and  the  addition of  a  few  warm  spices  make  it  an  irresistible   treat.   It  is a  vegetarian/vegan  side  for   your  holiday table  or  anytime  else !

5 Savory Snacks To Try this Diwali

5 Diwali snacks To Make

Try these  healthier  spicier  version of  popular  Diwali snacks.  These  can  be  prepared  ahead  of  time   and   travels  well  and stays  fresh  for   few  days.