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Baath Cake

Baath Cake – A Goan Tradition

This post took a long time  coming.  I  started  writing this  last  Christmas, encountered some  technical issues 😉 and  it  was  put on the back burner.  So the  other  day when a  friend  asked  to write an   Indian  recipe  for  Christmas,  this  got  dusted  up. It  was all the  excuse  I needed  to make  this Read more

A Celebration In Bread – The Finnish Pulla Wreath

I am  fascinated by bread, especially the  ones  leavened with  yeast.   So every December,  you will see  me trying  out   traditional celebratory bread recipes  from  around the  world.  Here is  one  such bread – the Finnish Pulla.  Rich, soft, sweet and  close crumbed,  this  bread  could  easily be  mistaken  for cake.   This  cardamom flavored  treat Read more
Roast Lamb With Indian Spices

Easy Week Night Dinners – Lightly Spiced Roast Lamb With Pearl Onions

I had  been  dreaming  of  Raan   recently. Raan is a  roast bone  in  leg  of  lamb  marinated  in  aromatic  spices. The meat is is  fall of  the bone  tender, and  fragrant.   Honestly I am not  a big  fan of  lamb,  but   these recipes  are  so  delicious that  the  temptation to  try it  becomes  very hard Read more
All Purpose Garam Masala

Garam Masala – The All Purpose Spice Blend

Garam Masala makes its appearance ever so often in Indian recipes. May  recipes   from Indian  and  other  south Asian countries  use  Garam Masala.  It is a good all purpose spice blend  to have on hand. Just a dash of it livens up the curries,  spices up  the  kabobs  and  adds an  exotic  touch to the Read more


Travel Stories

Point Arena Lighthouse

Enchanted Yet ? – Point Arena Lighthouse

Waves  crashing  constantly on the  rocks,  as if  to keep time  eternally, this  is Point  Arena.  Just pure  nature, and  a  man made  lighthouse. The lighthouse  stands at  the tip of a narrow  peninsula  jutting  about  half a mile into the pacific Ocean – serene and  ethereal.   In the sparsely populated  cost  of  Northern  California Read more
Cinder Cone - Lassen

Cinder Cone At Lassen – On The Hiking Trail

  We were at  the  visitor  center  at Lassen  National  Park poring over  the map.  For  a  nature  lover there  are many interesting  things  to  do here.   I knew  what  I   must to do  the  minute i saw  the  picture of  the  Cinder Cone  Trail.  Lassen  has  no  dearth of volcanic  domes –Read more



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