Jackfruit Biryani in Pressure Cooker | Vegan

Jackfruit Biryani Recipe

Did you know  that  jackfruit, the largest fruit from a  tree,   belongs in the  same  family as  figs ?  Well I did not.   Figs have thin  edible skin and fits in the palm  of  your  hand  while  jackfruit  is usually as  heavy as  toddler and  has spiky   thick  skin.  Both  have  large  fan  following, and Read more

You Say Glazed Doughnuts , I Say Badusha


  Diwali is  around  the   corner  and  it is  time  for   treats  – sweet  and  cute !!   Painted  diyas  and  boxes of  dried  fruit  are   favorites of the  season,   so are  sweets.  When it  comes  to  sweets,  nothing  surpasses  the   taste of  homemade sweets like   burfi,  shankarpali or  badusha.   Badusha or  balushahi as it isRead more

Curry Leaf Chicken – Finger licking Good

Curry Leaves Chicken

As  I was  taking  this picture DH  walked in. “You know  what is missing  here here, don’t  you? ”  there  was a  faraway look on his  face.   I knew  where  he  was –  reliving the  “pub  days ” of  Bangalore. Buddies, beer  and  banter – the ritualistic Bs of good old bachelor  days.  Finger  foods  were anRead more

Mildly Spiced – Ghee Rice

Ghee Rice

  A few  spices  make the simple rice   the  center of  the meal,  inviting you to to  reach for the fork.. that is  ghee rice  for  me! Nei Choru or  Ghee  Rice  used  to be  the  staple  of  our  mini household  celebrations.  Mom used  to  serve  these   with  hearty  sides  like  roasted coconutRead more

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha

Just  like  the  Dosa and Idli of  the  south  stuffed  parathas  are  the  choice  of  breakfast for  many in the  north. Aloo paratha –  potato stuffed  whole  wheat   flat  bread is the  most  popular of  them all .  Fresh made  Aloo Paratha   served  with a  bowl of  curds (yogurt) and a  spicy pickle  makesRead more