Komola Bhog – Magic With Milk And Orange

Komola Bhog The Orange Rasgulla

What can be  better  than  sweet spongy  Rasgulla ? Sweet and  spongy Orange  Rasgula – of  course !!!  Komola Bhog is  the  orange  flavored  cousin of  the  popular Bengali sweet Rasgula.  Well  I was  recently chastised  for  calling  it a  Bengali sweet. It is not  just  popular in Bengal, many neighboring  regions lay claim toRead more

Amritsari Kulcha – Potato Stuffed Kulcha

Aloo Kulcha Amritsari Kulcha

Have you had Amritsari Kulcha ? Amritsar is a  city in India, famous  for its  sights , sounds  and  of  course food.  This kicked up version of Kulcha  from  Amritsar  is  very   much like  the  city –  spicy , exotic  and  utterly delicious !!!  Punjabi food  is  rustic, rich, home style and  sophisticated, and  mostRead more

Kheema Paratha – Flat Bread Stuffed With Spiced Gound Lamb

Kheema Paratha

Kheema Paratha   is a  delicious  and  satisfying one   dish meal.   Ground  lamb is   cooked   with  spices  and  stuffed in a   wholewheat   flat bread.   It  is  pan  roasted  and  served  with a cooling  yogurt based  dip .  Easy  delicious  and  filling .  Perfect  to take  along  in aRead more

Flaxseed Chutney Powder

Flax seed chutney powder  is  an easy way to  increase the nutritional  value  of  any , well  almost any, dish. Chutney powders are  used as an  accompaniment  to a  variety of  meals in  the  South Indian  Cuisine.  Usually made  with a  blend  of  dals (beans/lentils), it  adds a  bit  of  crunch and  protein as  wellRead more

Pineapple Kesari – Sweet, Tangy and Fit For a Feast

Pineapple Kesari

Kesari is  an Indian  desert  made with sooji/rava (cream of  wheat).  It is  quite  easy to  make  and  is a perfect treat to serve unexpected guests or  for impromptu  celebrations.  This  humble  desert is  known  by different  names , sheera , halva , kesari  are  the  ones  I know  of.  Plain  kesaris  are   delicious,Read more