5 Diwali snacks To Make

5 Savory Snacks To Try this Diwali

Try these  healthier  spicier  version of  popular  Diwali snacks.  These  can  be  prepared  ahead  of  time   and   travels  well  and stays  fresh  for   few  days.

Home Made Ghee

How To Make Ghee

Ghee is the preferred choice of fat in cooking many curries and other dishes. It is believed to have many beneficial properties compared to other cooking oils and fats. Making ghee at home is a simple and easy process and the rewards are absolutely worth it.

Oven Temperature Conversions

Oven Temperature  Conversion  Charts | Printable Version

When dealing with recipes around the world or just an old one from the box in the attic, you might find yourself staring at confusing terminology. Celsius, Fahrenheit , Gas Mark and simple terms like hot, very hot are all used to describe the oven temperature. Here is an over view of what it all means and the commonly used temperatures and its equivalents.

How To Roast Pumpkin

How to Roast a Pumpkin

I do not  use  canned  pumpkin or  the   canned  pie  fillings. When we  make  a  pumpkin  filled  baked goodies ,  which  happens  quite a  lot  during  the

tangzhong or water roux used to make bread light and soft


Tangzhong is a cooked gelatinous mixture of liquid and flour. It is used to replace a portion of the flour in the traditional bread recipes. Tangzhong makes the bread softer and stay fresh longer.