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Tangzhong or water roux is a cooked mix of flour and water used in breadmaking. It makes the bread softer and increases its shelf life. Making breads with cooked starches is a common technique found around the world. It makes the bread softer and is of great importance when working with low gluten and gluten …

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Herman is the sweet sourdough starter that can be used to in many different recipes – from cakes to bread to pancakes. Making Herman is a fun and rewarding experience. Try with kids for an even more wondrous experience! Contents The Tradition of Friendship Bread Starter Safety The Name Herman Recipes Storage – Into the …

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When dealing with recipes around the world or just an old one from the box in the attic, you might find yourself staring at confusing terminology. Celsius, Fahrenheit , Gas Mark and simple terms like hot, very hot are all used to describe the oven temperature. Here is an over view of what it all means and the commonly used temperatures and its equivalents.

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Hard  to believe   it  is  almost  2018  !!!   Here is  something  for  the  New Year’s  Eve party  –  5  absolutely  fun  mocktails  from  a  few  of  my favorite  food bloggers.    These are  drinks  that  you can  safely share  all  night  long, along  with  the  usual  suspects.    These are  perfect  if  you are  throwing …

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