5 Mocktails To Ring In The New Year – Welcome To 2018


Hard  to believe   it  is  almost  2018  !!!   Here is  something  for  the  New Year’s  Eve party  –  5  absolutely  fun  mocktails  from  a  few  of  my favorite  food bloggers.    These are  drinks  that  you can  safely share  all  night  long, along  with  the  usual  suspects.    These are  perfect  if  you are  throwingRead more

How To Make Fresh Coconut Milk At Home

Coconut Milk

Let me be  honest, I am not  above using  canned  coconut  milk. With every passing year  the canned milk seems  to  get  better  with less and less additives  and  more  creamy coconut  taste.  But  nothing  compares  to  the  taste of freshly extracted   coconut  milk.   Food  tastes  heavenly when  slow  cooked  in  thin  coconutRead more

How to Roast a Pumpkin

Pumpkin Pieces

  I do not  use  canned  pumpkin or  the   canned  pie  fillings. When we  make  a  pumpkin  filled  baked goodies ,  which  happens  quite a  lot  during  the  season,  it  starts  of  with the roasted mashed  pumpkins.  The  difference in  flavor  is  absolutely  amazing.  Making  the  puree or  mashed  pumpkins  is  an  easy task.Read more

How To Make Your Own Sourdough Starter

Many home bakers  , even  the  experienced  ones ,   find  the idea  of  making  sourdough  bread  a  little  intimidating .   It is  rather   simple  though ,  mix  water ,  flour  within  certain proportions and  give  it  time  for  the  magic  to happen .  Starters  can be  made in a  variety of  waysRead more