Chapathi Kurma And A Few Fond Memories

This chapathy kurma   dinner  always  takes  me  back to the   road trips  and   the  roadside  dinners in   India.  Mix  vegetable kurma is  a  standard  fare in many South India restaurants .  Quite  rightly too ,  as these  go well with rice   dishes  like  Pulao, or Biryani  or  can  be  servedRead more

Palappam or Hoppers – Fermented Rice and Coconut Pancakes

If  you never had Palappam, you are in for for a treat.  Imagine  crepe like  bowls, crispy and  lacy  on the  sides  and  a  bit  spongy  towards  the  middle.  These  are  known as Palappam in Kerala  while  across  the   ocean in Sri Lanka a  similar recipe  is  used  to  make Hoppers.  Whereas  Hoppers are usuallyRead more

Seven Cups – Simple No Fail Diwali Sweet

  Seven Cups, as the  name  suggests  is  made   with  seven cups of  ingredients .   Any measuring  cup  will do as  long  as  all ingredients  are  measured  using the  same.  My first  trial  had  me  hooked .  The  perfect  fudge  like  texture  with a  simple  recipe . Now  it  has  become  a  tradition  toRead more

Fun Foods – Cheesy Owl Bites

  These  cute  owls  were  made for a  Halloween party.   I must  confess ,  this  is  not  entirely my idea . The  inspiration ,of course, came  from a  few   children’s  books  and   craft  ideas. Sliced  olives  for eyes ,  piece of  carrot   for  the  nose  and  some  sesame seeds  to give the featheryRead more

Whole Wheat Lacha Parathas

  Lacha paraths  are  the   puff pastry of  flat  breads.  With  their  beautiful layered look  and  the interesting  textural  contrast  these appeal to the  eyes as  well as  the taste buds. Often  served hot  with  spicy curries these flat breads are very popular  in India . In the  south   these  are  often  referred  toRead more

Erisseri – Savory Pumpkin Stew Kerala Style

  My aunt  B was  blessed   with  incredible  green thumb. No matter  the  time of  the  year  there    always    were vegetables  to  be  harvested  from  her  backyard – pumpkins,  amaranth,  elephant  foot  yam, long  beans , okra .. the  list  goes  on.  A visit  to aunt B’s home  meant  that we  could  skip  the  weekly  vegetable  run.Read more

Palada – Not the Humble Rice Pudding

  Some  things  in  life  are beautiful in their  simplicity.  Palada does  this  for  deserts. Just a few  ingredients – rice , sugar, milk,  a little ghee  and  a  pinch of  cardamom – that is all it  takes  to  make  this  popular Kerala sweet treat.  Bakeries along  the  streets of Ernakulam usually displays “Palada”  signs. The  number of signsRead more

Mushroom in Creamy Green Sauce – Vegan

“A  good  green  sauce is   a  thing  of  beauty !” –  said  I .  Of  course  my kids  disagreed , hard to find  kids  in their  right  minds  to  eat   something  green.  It  took a  couple  minutes  of  talking  but  my kids  have  warmed  up to this  dish –  could  it  be  that  theyRead more

Rajastani Khoba Roti – Gems From The Desert

Flat breads  or  rotis  are  found  everywhere in  the  Indian  subcontinent.   Usually  made  to  order   and  eaten  warm  with accompaniments .  These are  made   with a  variety of  flours ,  but  wheat  remains  predominant .   A  tour of  the  region  will  definitely introduce  one  to the  lean rotis, layered rotis ,  stuffedRead more