Armenian Gata

Armenian Gata

  One of  the  perks  of  living  in  California is   that one  gets  to  experience  different  cultures and cuisines.  Sometime back  I found  these   wonderful sweetbreads   called  Gata  in a  middle  eastern bakery .   A  bit  of  research  led  to  Armenian  Gata .  It is a  sweet  bread ,  almost  likeRead more

Rustic Cranberry Walnut Bread – No Knead Version

Cranberry Walnut NoKnead Bread

Here is a rustic  Cranberry  Walnut  Loaf.   This is an  easy bake,   what  with being  no knead  and  all.   It is a  flavorful loaf  with lots of  whole  wheat  goodness in it.  The  whole  wheat  coupled  with  the  dried  cranberries  and   walnuts  adds  a  tinge  of  purple  to the  loaf.  As  no knead  loaves  go,Read more

Roasted Whole Cauliflower With Cilantro Chutney (Vegan Option)

Roasted Cauliflower

Looking  for  an  impressive vegetarian  recipe  for  your   next  dinner  party ?   Try  this –  Roasted  Whole Cauliflower  With Cilantro Sauce, you wont  believe  how  easy it is  until you try !    The   cauliflower  covered in a tandoori inspired  marinade and  roasted in  a hot oven.  Once  cooked it is  fork tender all the Read more

Weeknight Dinners – Curry In A Hurry With Sardines And Green Tomatoes

Canned Sardine Curry

Sardines – now here is a  fish that  makes  no apologies  about  being  one.  This  tiny flavorful fish, for  many, is   an  acquired  taste –  you  either  love  them  or  can’t  stand  them.  This   recipe  is  for  those  in the   first  category.   Once  you fall in love  with these  there is no going  back,   notRead more

Light and Soft – Delicious Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

Feathery light and  soft rolls  with  sweet  and  tangy raspberry filling – sounds  delicious  doesn’t it ? Well, you are in for a  treat  when  you make  these heavenly Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls.   The bright red raspberry filling peeks through layers of soft fluffy bread. Sweet , tangy and light – a treat for the eyesRead more

Ari Pathiri – A Gluten Free Flatbread Made With Rice

Ari Pathiri

This is  Ari Pathiri – the  soft  as  feather rice flatbread.  This  gluten free  bread  goes by a  few other names  as well  – nice pathiri ,  neriya  pathiri and  malabar pathiri , to name a  few.  As the last  name on the  list  suggests  it is  very popular in the Malabar  region of India. Read more

Roasted Bell Pepper Chutney – With Zesty South Indian Flavors

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Chutney

Chutneys are an essential  part of  south Indian  cuisine.  They pair  well with all the popular meals like dosa, idli , flavored  rices and are a perfect dip for a variety of  snacks.  South Indian  chutneys  are  easy to make, low in calories  and  usually  packs  a lot of  nutrition in a  small serving.  BellRead more

You Say Glazed Doughnuts , I Say Badusha


Diwali is  around  the   corner  and  it is  time  for   treats  – sweet  and  cute !!   Painted  diyas  and  boxes of  dried  fruit  are   favorites of the  season,   so are  sweets.  When it  comes  to  sweets,  nothing  surpasses  the   taste of  homemade sweets like   burfi,  shankarpali or  badusha.   Badusha or  balushahi as it is known Read more