Basic Sourdough Bread

Sliced loaf of simple sourdough bread on a bread board

Here is a  basic  sourdough  bread  made  using   the  100% hydration  starter. This  is a   simple  recipe  involving  only 4  ingredients – flour , water ,  salt and  the  yeast (starter).   This   recipe  adapts  well to  additions  and  can be  made into a  loaf , rolls  ,  boule  or  any shape  you wish .


tangzhong or water roux in a bowl

Tangzhong is a cooked gelatinous mixture of liquid and flour. It is used to replace a portion of the flour in the traditional bread recipes. Tangzhong makes the bread softer and stay fresh longer.

Herman Coffee Cake

Slice of herman coffee cake

This is an easy to make cake made with Herman starter. The addition of starter makes this cake light and moist. The thin layer of streusel toppings adds a nice crunch enhancing the contrast between the sweet and tart flavors.

Easy Sardine and Potato Curry

Sardine and Potato curry served with white rice - a happy meal

Here is an easy recipe for a quick dinner or lunch. Canned sardines make cooking and cleaning easy. This recipe comes together in under 30 minutes with just a few everyday ingredients.