Chicken In Creamy Coconut Milk And Spices- Kerala Kozhy Ishtu

Kerala Style Chicken Stew - Ishtu

“I love love love this! No Kerala meal is  complete   without  Appam and  Stew !” N exclaimed.  I wanted  to  disagree,  but  her  excitement  was so genuine that I didn’t  have the  heart.    I can  count a few  other  Kerala meals  that  could  equal or  rival this, but  I get  it.  Lacy appams  and  creamyRead more

30 Minute Shrimp Momos – The Easiest Steamed Shrimp Dumpling Recipe

Easiest Shrimp Momos

  Steaming hot  momos  fresh out of  the   steamer   are a  treat  on cold  foggy days.  These  steamed dumplings  came  from Tibet are  similar  to the  Japanese gyoza or  the Chinese steamed  won-tons.  These  simple , satisfying  dish  have  become  very popular  wherever  the  Tibetan diaspora  spread , and I for one  am glad  for Read more

The Easiest White Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse – Egg Free & Gelatin Free | #foodBloggerLove

WhiteChocolate Raspberry Mousse

Chocolate  and  raspberries   isn’t that a match made in  heaven ?  Add to that a  soft  melt  in the mouth  packaging  that is  perfect  for  sharing. Oh yes , I am  talking  about   White  Chocolate  Raspberry  Mousse.   And  the  best  part  is  you can make  it all  without  breaking a  sweat.

Koova Kurukkiyathu – Arrowroot Halva

Koova Kurukkiyathu - Arrowroot Halva

Arrow  root  halva  or  Koova  Kurukkiyathu   is  an easy  sweet  dish to prepare.  The  texture  is  very similar  to Jelly, solid  but  not hard. Usually coconut  bits   are  added to it  for  the much needed  textural  contrast. It  was   customary  to  serve  this for  Thiruvathira  along  with puzhukku.  Koova  Kurukkkiyathu  (or Varattiyathu  or  Verakiyathu)   being Read more

Tharavu Mappas – Duck Curry From Kuttanad

Tharavu Mappas - Duck Curry From Kuttanad

Tharavu Mappas is a  a traditional  duck curry  from the Kuttanad. Kuttanad is  the   waterlogged  region in the south Indian state of Kerala  where boats  and  canoes  were the  main mode of  transportation  until a  few  decades  back .  This  abundance of  water makes  it  an  ideal place for water intensive  farming. So there isRead more