Parsley Garlic Pull-Apart Wreath Bread – A Celebration In Green

Parsley Garlic Wreath

Warm aromas of  fresh baked  garlic bread is indeed  amazing ! It  makes  you want  to  reach out  and  take  a bite, even when you are  not  hungry.   Parsley Garlic Pull Apart  Wreath Bread  is a  tricked  out  version of  the everyday garlic bread.  Vibrant  green  color  and  garlicky  flavors  go together   handRead more

Ube (Purple Yam) Bread – Color Me Purple !!!

Isn’t this beautiful ! This loaf is  made  with ube  commonly known as the is  purple  yam or  purple  sweet potato.  In fact Ube should be  for  uber beautiful and  Uber  healthy too.These   are   loaded  with vitamin  A & C,  potassium and  Anthocyanin.  Suffice  to  say   that if  you don’t  want to drinkRead more

Lussekatter or St.Lucia Rolls – The Swedish Saffron Buns

Swedish Saffron Buns
Swedish Saffron Buns

Some foods are  more  special to  us   than  others. They connect us to  the  culture  and  traditions.  Every culture, every region in the  world  have them. Lussekatter is such a  beautiful  bread  that is part of  the  Swedish  tradition of  celebrating St.Lucia’s  day. These  rich saffron buns are  delicious  with a  mug of  coffee or  inRead more