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Chicken Madras is a spicy curry that is easy to make. This is a take-out favorite and goes great with bread and rice. This is not the curry for the faint-hearted – and some restaurants go out of their way to prove that. So here is the easy version to make from scratch and you …

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Chickpea Pilaf is a light, fragrant rice dish. It is a delightful combination of lightly spiced rice and protein-rich, buttery chickpeas. Serve it as a one-pot meal on a busy day or as a side dish for a more elaborate meal. The dish itself is vegan and pairs well with riatas (yogurt dip), kabobs, chutneys, …

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This Instant Pot Shrimp Biryani with vegetables is a delicious one-pot meal. This is a lighter version of the rich, and fragrant layered casserole of rice, shrimp, vegetables, and spices. It is gluten free and dairy free. Serve with a side of a few chips, pickles, or raita (flavored yogurt). Instant pot biryani or cooker …

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Ribollita is a hearty vegetable soup made with cannellini beans, greens, and a variety of vegetables. Serve over crusty bread, and add a generous drop of pesto or a sprinkling of parmesan or drizzle olive oil to top off. A hearty bowl of soup is the perfect meal to look forward to on a cold …

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Instant Pot/ Pressure cooker makes fresh and flavorful meals in very little time. This chicken and vegetables curry is easy to make and serve. it is flavored with a few aromatic spices , a touch of classic curry spices and coconut milk. Fresh flavors and curry spices blend beautifully in this dish.

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This green peas curry from Kerala is a mildly spiced curry made with dried mature green peas. It is made with very little spices, and creates a buttery and lightly fragrant dish especially when lightened with coconut milk. Vegan Contents Choosing Peas Cooking Dried Peas Spices Used in This Curry How To Make Home Style …

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This Korean inspired beef bowl creates that all day cooked taste in a fraction of the time. The meat is melt in the mouth tender and the sauce has a delicious mix of sweet , tangy and spicy flavors. Cooking and cleanup are a snap in this Instant pot version.

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This black chickpea curry is a popular dish in Kerala and the Konkan region. Flavors of coriander coriander and coconut goes well with chickpeas. Serve it with any of your favorite flat breads or rice or with traditional Kerala breakfast like – appam , puttu or idiappam.

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