Whole Wheat Lacha Parathas


Lacha paraths  are  the   puff pastry of  flat  breads.  With  their  beautiful layered look  and  the interesting  textural  contrast  these appeal to the  eyes as  well as  the taste buds. Often  served hot  with  spicy curries these flat breads are very popular  in India . In the  south   these  are  often  referred  to  simply as  Parotta.   Even the picky eaters  who refuse  to  touch their  rotis  gobble  these   up .  I make  these  with  whole  wheat flour (atta)  and  with   much less  amount  of  fat  and  they still come  out   flaky and  delicious . 

In the   south   you   will find   road side shops serving these  breads.  These are  usually made  to order  and  served  piping  hot, perfect  for  folks  to  grab on the  way heading  home   from  work.  Usually the  roti stand  will be  featured  prominently near  the  entrance  to  the  eatery   and you can  watch as  the  cooks make it to order.  “Parotta  Adi ”  I  think  the process  was  referred  to ,  was  considered  to be  a  man’s trade ;-).  It  is a    fascinating  process  to  watch  as  the  cooks  stretch  the  dough by   hitting  it  on the  workbench  followed  by swishing  and throwing  the  discs in  the  air .   They make  such a  show  of  this process these   that  most  home cooks  hesitate   to  try  these. The  truth is that one  does  not   need   large   counter space or  huge  biceps  to stretch the  dough.  The  usual   rolling  pin  flat work surface is  all you need , and   no hitting  or  manhandling  of  the   dough  involved .


The   street  side recipes  usually consists of  maida (white  all purpose  flour)  and   plenty of   oil.  Some   recipes  even  include  eggs  and a  bit  of  leavening , typically baking  soda.  Maida  and  eggs  help to stretch the   dough paper  thin   without  tearing.  But  other  than  eggs, if  used ,  all the  other  ingredients  have  little  or  no  nutritional value .

The  recipe is  simple  and  starts  out  similar to a  standard  Indian Roti / Chapathi Recipe.  The   dough is  made  with  atta (whole  wheat  flour) , a pinch of  salt  , a little  bit  of  oil  and   enough water . One  can  substitute  some  or  all of  the  water  with   diary, either  milk  or yogurt for a  softer  richer  dough.

Whole Wheat Lacha Paratha

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours

Yield: Serves 4 to 6

Whole Wheat Lacha Paratha


Whole Wheat Flour / Atta - 2 C
Salt - a Pinch
Oil/Ghee - 1 Tbsp
Lukewarm Water - 1 1/2 C ( as Needed)
Wheat Flour - to dust
OIl/Ghee - To Roast


Mix flour and salt with the oil . Add enough water to bring all the dough together into a ball. Knead for 10 minutes till the dough relaxes a bit and feels soft. If too stiff add add a few more drops of water , conversely if the dough is too soft knead in a few tablespoons more flour . Set aside covered for at least 30 minutes , up to a couple of hours.

Divide the dough into portions the size of a large lemon. Roll into a ball and flatten a bit to form a thick disc . Coat the disc with flour and flatten into a circle as thin as possible with a rolling pin. Dust with more flour if the dough begins to stick. Spread 1/2 tsp oil or ghee over it . Use a pastry brush (any clean 1" painter's brush will do ) to spread the oil thinly. Start pleating the circle from one end gathering it into pleats of 1 cm width. Roll the resulting rope into a loose coil with the oiled sides of the pleats facing up . Flatten this disc into a 6" circle either using the palms or with a rolling pin (refer to pics).

Heat a heavy bottomed pan (tawa , girdle). Oil the top lightly and place the paratha on it. Cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute. When air bubbles begin to form on top, spread a little oil on and flip the paratha. Cook on the other side till done.

After making a few parathas hold them between your hands and gently shake to loosen the pleats .

Serve warm with your choice of curry .


The  trick in  this  recipe  lies in the  rolling  and  layering .   The  steps  are  described  below .  It is not  as  detailed  as  I wanted , but  hope  this  helps ..

Mix  the  flour  with  salt and  oil .  Slowly pour  water  while  stirring  the   flour  to  moisten it . Add  Just  enough eater for the   dough to come  together.  There  may  be  still  some  dry flour  left  in the  bowl .   Bring   all the  flour  into a to  ball  and  knead  for  10 minutes  till the   dough feels  soft and  relaxes  a  bit .   Cover    and set  aside   for  at least  30 minutes .


Pinch off  large  lemon sized balls –  if  you make rotis  thinks  1.5 to 2  times  large –   and  roll them  in flour .


Roll  it  out  as  thin as  possible.  Use  enough  flour  for  dusting the  board  and  rolling  pin to  prevent  the  dough from  sticking .  Spread  about  1/2 tsp  oil/ ghee  on top .  Use a pastry brush to brush the   oil  evenly on top .   The  pastry brush is  a very useful tool as it  reduces helps  to brush the  oil  evenly all over   thus   reducing  the  total amount of  oil  used.

lachhaparatha1Hold the  edges of  of  the  dough   farthest  from you  at opposite  ends  and  start  pleating  it ,  with the  oiled  side  coming  in contact  with  the  oiled  side.  The  pleats  should  be  about  1 cm or  so  wide .  Think   Chinese fans  or  the  pleats  for  a  sari .   Gather the pleats  as  you  work  towards  you  and  it  will end  as a  thick  piece of rope.


Coil the rope  loosely as in the  picture with  the  oiled  pleat  openings  facing  the  top .


With  the  heel of  the  palm  flatten it  out  to into a   disc.  If  using  a  rolling pin  roll only in one  direction  from the center.  Place  the pin at  the  center of  the  disc  and roll once either towards or   away from  you.  Take  the  pin off  and  give  the  disc  a  quarter  turn and  repeat  the process . This  ensures  the layers   are kept  apart as  much as  possible .

Oil a  hot  griddle  and place the  roti on top .  Cook  over  medium heat until  air bubbles  seem to form .  Drizzle  a  little  oil (1/4  to 1/2 tsp)  flip the  paratha and  cook on the  other side .  Once  a  few  parathas are  cooked gather  then  in your  hands  and  gently shake  the  layers  loose.


Serve hot !!!


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  2. I prefer the flakey Layered Lachha Paratha recipe. Could not resist its look so I went ahead to try it out. It was well worth the little effort. Lachha paratha can be served with your favorite curry or dry vegetable dish. Bon appetit!

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