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Madeleines – these delectable  offspring of  cookie and  cake seem  daunting  to make.  To top it most  classic  recipe  call for  browning  butter  and  thorough  whisking off eggs,  rest times   and  careful mixing  of   flour  and  eggs. Why bother with all these when  the  store – the big box  ones  to  the  neighborhood bakeries carry  these.  The  brown butter  does  add a unique  taste.  But if  you  are  like  me,   someone  who  gets  called  away from the  kitchen  ever  so often, here is a   way simpler   recipe and   it  tastes  heavenly right out of  the  oven.

Technically madeleines  are  bite sized  sponge  cakes.   These   are  made  in the  madeleine  molds    and  acquires a  cookie  like   bite.  Call them   a cookie  if  you like ‘coz  these are perfect   with a  cup of  hot  tea.  The  recipe here  has a  little  baking  powder,  which  can  very well be avoided.  I add  it  as an  added  insurance to  compensate  for  loss  of   aeration   when  mixing  in   the   flour .  As  long  as    the  eggs  are   fluffed  up  well, there is  very little  chance  of  messing  up this  recipe.



Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes

Yield: About 2 and Half dozen


Eggs - 4
Vanilla - 1 Tsp
Granulated sugar - 160 gm (3/4 C)
AP Flour - 160 gms (1 1/3 C)
Baking Powder - 1/2 Tsp
Butter - 1/2 C
Salt - 1/8 Tsp


Melt the butter and set aside to cool a little. Prepare the molds. Pre heat the oven to 375°F (190°F). Sift the dry ingredients - flour , baking powder and salt- together.

Beat the egg well for 5 minutes. It should have doubled in volume and aerated well. Add the vanilla essence and mix . To this add the fine sugar and slowly and beat in.

Add the flour mix in batches and mix in without forming a lumps. Slowly stream in the melted butter and mix using circular motions . The batter changes visibly . Pout into prepared madeline molds, filling each mold about 3/4 way full .

Transfer to the preheated oven and bake for 10 to 12 minutes . Cool in pan for a minute and invert into a cooling rack


The cook time mentioned is for golden crust on metal pans. If using silicone molds, increase the cook time by 2 to 3 minutes . For more browned look in crease the cook time by 2 minutes.

Melt the  butter over low  heat  or  in a  microwave .  If  you plan to brown  it  keep a  hawks eye  as  soon as  it  starts  to  melt .  Set  aside  to cool a bit –  but  should still be in liquid  form .   Sift  the   dry ingredients  together and  set  aside .  Powder  the   sugar  if  the  granules  are  big . Pre-heat  the  oven to  350°F (190°C). If  using  metal madeleine molds butter  it   well.

Beat the  eggs  well  till they have  doubled  in volume.   Do this  by hand , if  you must,  but I  recommend the  mixer a t  this  stage.  Indeed  this is a  good  workout for  the   arms 🙂 .   Add the  vanilla  essence  and  mix  well .  Slowly add  the  sugar  and  beat  well to incorporate , taking  care  to  keep the  mix  aerated  well.

Add  the  sifted  dry ingredients to the  egg mix  in batches .  Mix in  the  flour using circular motions (low paddle  setting in the  stand  mixer). Stop mixing as  soon as all the  flour is blended in . Slowly  stream in the  melted butter  and   mix using a  spatula . You  will see the  melted  butter  pooling  on top of  the  batter initially ,  but  after  a  few  turns  with the  spatula  the  butter  mixes in  and  the  batter  changes  visibly  and  acquires a  silky sheen .  Stop mixing  as  soon as  all traces  melted butter is  gone .

Transfer  to the  waiting  molds  and  bake  for  8 to 10  minutes  if  using a  metal pan ,  or 10 to 12  minutes in a  silicone pan. Remove  as  soon as they   turn  brown on the  sides .

Using Silicone Pans  – Silicone pans  are   very convenient  when  making  madeleine  as  they don’t  require any extra  greasing.  But placing these directly on the oven  rack  often  times  tends  to tilt  the  molds  and skews  the   shape.  In order to prevent  this  place  the   silicone  mold  on a  baking  sheet  and  transfer  to the  oven. Remove   it   from the  sheet  and  place  directly on the  rack at   around 8  to 10  minutes  and  finish cooking to the  desired  brownness .  Leaving  the cookie sheets for  total  duration of  cooking  browns  the  bottoms  unevenly as  in the  picture  below .


On the other hand  the  metal pans   create a  very even  browned  look  and  shaves a  few  minutes off  the  cook time  as  well .

rench Madelines Cooling

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