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Naan is an leavened flatbread traditional baked in clay ovens called Tandoor. These are popular in the Indian Subcontinent and nearby regions. Using Sourdough starter in the recipe creates a Naan bread with more mature, complex flavors. This is as close as you can get to Naans made by the traditional Tandoor bakers of the …

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Kulchas are leavened flat bread that can easily be mad e on stove top at home. These are delicious plain , but can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients like – potatoes , cheese , or meat. Aloo kucha is stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes. The potatoes make it soft and helps the kucha
stay fresh and soft longer.

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Flat breads  or  rotis  are  found  everywhere in  the  Indian  subcontinent.   Usually  made  to  order   and  eaten  warm  with accompaniments .  These are  made   with a  variety of  flours ,  but  wheat  remains  predominant .   A  tour of  the  region  will  definitely introduce  one  to the  lean rotis, layered rotis ,  stuffed …

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