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Moist Double Chocolate Brownies Made With Coconut Oil – #CookoutWeek 2018 Continues !

These  brownies  are  seriously chocolaty  and   moist.    I have  used  Barleans  butter  flavored  coconut oil here  – and  you just  can’t tell  the  difference .  All the flavor of  butter  but  much more  moist !
This  Moist Coconut Oil Double Chocolate  Brownie is a sponsored  by  Barleans.   I received  sample  products  for creating  this  recipe. All opinions and  content are  my own .

Moist Double Chocolate Brownie With Coconut Oil

How  do you like  your  brownies –  with or  without a  scoop of  ice  cream ?  I like  my  just  like  that,  enjoy the chocolaty goodness  without  any  distractions  I say, but  nothing  wrong  with  a   scoop of  ice cream either.   The  thing  about  brownies  is   you can  never have  enough  ;-).

My usual  brownie  recipe  calls  for  oil and  not  butter   and  is   dairy free.  No t intentionally  though, the manufacturers   didn’t  always   use  milk  fat  to make  chocolate  chips.   There are  many brands  out there  that  are  dairy free.  If you  avoid  the  chips  all together  in this  recipe it is  guaranteed  to be   dairy free.   BUT   no has  to know  that    with  Barlean’s  Butter  flavored  coconut  oil  !

Moist Double Chocolate Brownies

About Barlean’s –   They are  one of our fabulous sponsors for #CookoutWeek   2018.  They have a  fantastic The  butter  flavored   coconut  oil is vegan, USDA certified organic, tastes like butter  and   smells  like  butter !  When I received  the oil  it   smelled  like  butter  and   was  partially melted  – exactly what  I would  have  expected  from coconut  oil.   My kids  have  been   quick to  slather it  over  popcorn  and  declare  –   Yummy .   I have never  seen  them do that  with  coconut  oil ,  and  I have it  in the  pantry all the  time ?

About CookoutWeek –  it is  still  cookout  week –  check out  the  other  fabulous  blogger   recipes  at  eth  end  of  the  post  and   yes  there is  still a  chance  tp  enter the  raffle  and  receive    goodies  – the  raffle   entry   is  located  at ….  One  of  the  sponsors is  Barleans  as  well !  YAY !!!!

Ingredients For Moist Double Chocolate Brownie With Coconut Oil

So when  I  received  this  butter  flavored  coconut  oil  from Barleans  I though – perfect  let  me  make  coconut oil brownies  with them.   And   these  were  a  winner .  No one  knew  what went into it  and  no  one  mentioned  coconut !  It tasted  like  it  was  made  with  any regular double chocolate brownie, only more “fudgy” !

Yes, these  brownies  turned  out  to  be  much more  moist  than  their   butter   counterparts.  Not  surprising, as that is  what  oil does  to  cakes  and  the like. The  oil  makes  baked  goods   more moist  and  tender.    Usually  the  substitution  alters  the  flavors  a  little , and   will not be  wise   if  you are making a  classic pound  cake ! But  in this  case the butter flavored  oil  kept  the flavors  the  same – yay to  coconut oil  brownie.

Natural Cocoa Powder  is  what  I make  these  brownies  with.  It is  rarely that I do not  have a  box  of  cocoa  in the  pantry.  Personally I think the  brownies  made  with cacao powder  are  the winners  in the   flavor  department.   Use  natural  unsweetened  cocoa  powder  for the   best  results.  This  way you  have much  more  control over  what  goes into the  recipe.

Many of  the  recipes call for  blooming  the   chocolate , but  that is  one  step I  am  avoiding (sort off ) here .   Here is  how – often  times  the  coconut oil  is  solid   at  room temperature, so I start  by  warming it a  little  to  melt it  completely .  To this  warm/hot add the  cocoa  powder  and  mix  and  set  aside  for a  few minutes.

This  mix  is  the  starting point . To this  add the  sugar , salt  vanilla and  mix  well.  Break the  eggs  one  by one  and  blend  into the  mix.   Once  everything  has  reached  a  uniform  consistency gently fold  in the  flour.

Mixing in Moist Double Chocolate Brownie With Coconut Oil

Now  comes  the  double  chocolate part.  You can  add  the  type of  chocolate you like –   I usually opt  for t he  middle  ground  and  add  semi sweet  chocolate  chips.  These  go int the  recipe in 2  steps,   about  2/3  of the  chips  get  folded  into the  batter. The   rest are  sprinkled on top of the  batter after  it is  transferred  to the pan.   There  is  no  leavening  in this  recipe , but  no worries the  results are   fantastic  without  it .Moist Double Chocolate Brownie With Coconut Oil Batter

Now  all you have  to do is  to bake  it –  about  20  to 25  minutes  is all you need .  Check  at  20 minutes  and   if  the  brownie  seems to slightly pull back from the  sides  it is  time to  take it out .    it  will still be a   little  moist  inside , there is  no need to  use a  cake  tester – unless you want  it  dry .  In that  case   give it  an  additional  5  minutes .

Cool in pan.  This is  important, wait  for  these to cool   before  slicing int it . These  are  still moist  and   will not   slice  neatly  if  not  cooled, but  there is  nothing  stopping   you  from attacking  it  with a  spoon  in pan,  trust  me  I was  tempted!

Moist Double Chocolate Brownie With Coconut Oil

It was  disappearing  fast and  the  verdict  was   –  definitely make  more !   The  brownies  were absolutely delicious.  There   was  no  trace of  coconut  flavors , just  the  moist  goodness !

Before  I  forget    I made  these in  9 X  13  pan , you could  use a  9 X 9 pan  as   well.  The  brownies  are going   to be  a  little  thicker  and   will take   longer  (about  30 to 40 minutes ) to cook .

Moist Double Chocolate Brownies

Moist Double Chocolate Brownies

By Syama
These are one  of the  easiest  brownies  to make.  These are  moist and not  too sweet  can be   easily made  dairy free. The  batter  comes  together in  one bowl  and  bakes  up  quick.   If sweet  milk chocolate chips  are   what you like  then  use them .
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Cooling Time 1 hour
Total Time 35 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 12 Servings


  • 1 C Coconut Oil (See Notes 1 )
  • 2 C Raw Sugar
  • 1 C Natural Unsweetened  cocoa
  • ½ Tsp Fine Sea Salt
  • 2 Tsp  Vanilla extract
  • 4 Eggs Large
  • 1 C  Unbleached AP Flour
  • 10 Oz Chocolate Chips   (See Notes 2)


  • Place  the oven rack  a  little  below  the  center  and  pre heat  the  oven to  350 F.  Line the bottom and sides of an 9 X 13 -inch baking pan with parchment paper, leaving an overhang on two opposite sides, or  grease  the  pan.  The  overhang  helps to get  the   cooled   brownies  off the  pan   easily .
  • Warm the  oil in  the  microwave  or over  stovetop. Once it  is  quite  warm (not boiling/burning) to  touch , transfer  to the mixing  bowl  and  add  the  cocoa  powder  to  it .  Mix  and  let it  sit  for 5  minutes  to  come  to  room temperature.
  • Add  sugar  salt  and  vanilla  to this  mix  and  stir  in  with a wooden spoon or spatula.  Add the  eggs one  at a  time   and   stir in  vigorously. Use a  handheld  mixer  set  to  low if  needed.
  • When the  batter   looks  shiny and uniform  add the  flour  in  2  batches  folding  in  gently.  The  batter  will   thicken  more  and  slightly pull back  from the   sides  of the bowl.
  • Stir  in  2/3   of  the   chocolate  chips.  Transfer  to the   prepared pan  and  spread  evenly.  Sprinkle  the remaining  chocolate  chips  on top.
  • Bake 20 to 25 minutes or or until the   crust  forms  on top and   the brownie  seems  to slightly pull away from the  sides  of the pan.  It is  a  moist  brownie  and  a  toothpick inserted into the center will come out with a  bits  of  batter  stuck  to it.  Depending on your oven  start  checking  at  20 minutes (15 for   convection)  when using a  9X 13  pan to bake.
  • Remove the pan  from  the  oven  and  set over  a  cooling  rack . Let  the  brownies  cool  completely in the pan.  Cut  into squares  after  cooling.


  1.  I used Barleans Butter Flavored  Coconut oil
  2.  Semi Sweet/ dark your  choice
  3. Do not  skimp on  vanilla - and  use  the  best  quality you have.

Important: Nutrition Values are estimates. Actuals vary based on ingredients and serving size.

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Moist Double Chocolate Brownie With Coconut Oil


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