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Christmas fruit cake is a tradition in many parts of the world. Usually it is a spiced cake filled with dried fruits and nuts. This version from Kerala has all the rich flavors and the mouthwatering taste. Fruit filled spiced cakes are a tradition in many parts of the world around Christmas time. This version …

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Pumpkin Halva is a fudge-like dessert made with yellow pumpkins and jaggery (unrefined evaporated cane juice). This south Indian version uses flour as a thickener and is a dairy-free sweet treat. Halva or halwa is a popular sweet all over India. In the north is it usually made with vegetables/fruits, dairy and sugar while most …

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This green peas curry from Kerala is a mildly spiced curry made with dried mature green peas. It is made with very little spices, and creates a buttery and lightly fragrant dish especially when lightened with coconut milk. Vegan Contents Choosing Peas Cooking Dried Peas Spices Used in This Curry How To Make Home Style …

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Pachadi from South India is a type of curry where the fruits/vegetables are cooked in a paste of ground coconut. Sour curd (yogurt) is added towards the end of cooking and the dish is flavored with seasoned oil and spices. Pineapple Pachadi, from Kerala has a unique combination of sweet and sour flavors.

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This black chickpea curry is a popular dish in Kerala and the Konkan region. Flavors of coriander coriander and coconut goes well with chickpeas. Serve it with any of your favorite flat breads or rice or with traditional Kerala breakfast like – appam , puttu or idiappam.

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