Nadan Meen Curry With Coconut Milk

Nadan Coconut Milk Fish Curry

This is  one of  the  most  common  fish  curries  made  in Kerala  homes.  Fresh caught fish ,  fresh coconut milk ,  green chilies  and  curry leaves  right  from the  backyard  or  fresh from the  market,  coconut  oil  and kokum ,   these are the  ingredients  that  make  this  dish  irresistible  to  sea food  lovers.  NotRead more

Curried Salmon With Spinach

Curried Salmon With Spinach

This  dish is  inspired  by my childhood.   No there  were no  Salmon in South India, but   fish was  plentiful, as were  Amaranth leaves.  Purple  amaranth was  our  favorite   Mom used  to  make “Cheera thoran” or  stir fried amaranth leaves with coconut .  Amaranth  leaves  are more  nutritious  than  spinach  and  a  mealRead more

Chapathi Kurma And A Few Fond Memories

This chapathy kurma   dinner  always  takes  me  back to the   road trips  and   the  roadside  dinners in   India.  Mix  vegetable kurma is  a  standard  fare in many South India restaurants .  Quite  rightly too ,  as these  go well with rice   dishes  like  Pulao, or Biryani  or  can  be  servedRead more

Olan – Spice it Up , Just A Little

Olan is  another essential part of  sadya  dishes. It is  quite  simple   to make   and  very mild in taste.  It  might  surprise  many to learn  that very many of  the  south Indian  dishes  are nothing  like what  the  rest  of  the  world  knows  as “Indian Food”. Olan  is  served as a  side dish for  the  carb ofRead more

Mushroom in Creamy Green Sauce – Vegan

“A  good  green  sauce is   a  thing  of  beauty !” –  said  I .  Of  course  my kids  disagreed , hard to find  kids  in their  right  minds  to  eat   something  green.  It  took a  couple  minutes  of  talking  but  my kids  have  warmed  up to this  dish –  could  it  be  that  theyRead more

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

Morsels of  tender  chicken  in  creamy  tomato  sauce  aka Chicken Tikka Masala ,  is  a  very popular   fare in  Indian  restaurants .  Some  say  it  was  invented  in the   kitchens  of   London ,  others  speculate  it   was  concocted  by  the  chefs in  Punjab .  Whatever  the  origins  were  this is a  lovely dishRead more