Cranberry Orange Scones | Christmas Morning Scones

Cranberry Orange Scones

Scones for  breakfast  has  become a  Christmas  tradition over the past  few years, followed  by binge watching Star Wars if  it is  too cold  to  step outside.  This  year  we  watched The last  Jedi   few  days  before, leaving  us  with just  the  hunger for  scones :-).   Our  favorite is this  Christmas Morning   Scones.  These brightRead more

Easy Sourdough Pancakes – Say No To Discarding Starter !

Pancake made with sourdough starter or discard

Who doesn’t like pancakes – the  soft  fluffy kind  that   melts in your  mouth !   Well here is  one  that  is  even   better – sourdough pancakes.  Not  only do these  taste  great , the  aromas  as  these  cook are heavenly.  All this   without  any levening  or  other  flavorings.  What  better  way  to  use  up  extra Read more

Light and Soft – Delicious Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

Raspberry Swirl Sweet Roll

  Feathery light and  soft rolls  with  sweet  and  tangy raspberry filling – sounds  delicious  doesn’t it ? Well, you are in for a  treat  when  you make  these heavenly Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls.   The bright red raspberry filling peeks through layers of soft fluffy bread. Sweet , tangy and light – a treat for theRead more

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha

Just  like  the  Dosa and Idli of  the  south  stuffed  parathas  are  the  choice  of  breakfast for  many in the  north. Aloo paratha –  potato stuffed  whole  wheat   flat  bread is the  most  popular of  them all .  Fresh made  Aloo Paratha   served  with a  bowl of  curds (yogurt) and a  spicy pickle  makesRead more

Breakfast in 30 Minutes – Light and Healthy Raisin Scones

30 Minute Scones
30 Minute Scones

  Scones are  single  serve   quick breads.  These flaky , buttery, and easy  to handle  pieces  are   quick to   whip up, no planning  necessary. Usually these  are made  with   simple  ingredients that are  often  times found  in your   pantry. My little helpers in the  kitchen  love  these  as  well –Read more