Easy Sourdough Pancakes – Say No To Discarding Starter !

Pancake made with sourdough starter or discard

Who doesn’t like pancakes – the  soft  fluffy kind  that   melts in your  mouth !   Well here is  one  that  is  even   better – sourdough pancakes.  Not  only do these  taste  great , the  aromas  as  these  cook are heavenly.  All this   without  any levening  or  other  flavorings.  What  better  way  to  use  up  extra  sourdough  starter !!

 I am  a  big  fan of  sourdough  breads. The  flavor of  sourdough bread is  much more  complex  and   it  adds  to the  nutritional  value as  well.  Wild  yeast  and  the  bacteria  in these are  the  magicians  that  are  missing  in  commercial  yeast.  I can  go on  and  on   about  these.  Here is  how  to make your  own  starter   from  scratch.

I have starter/s , living, breathing active ones, on hand  all the  time. But  then  there  comes a  time   when  my regular  baking  schedule goes off  the  track. Then  there are times  when I feed the  starter  gets  it  all active  and discover that  there is  a  basket  of  fresh baked  bread on the  counter top (magic of  another kind or dementia(?)) .  Well all these  happen in real life. Typically when  the  starter  gets  a  lot  you  could  dry some  and   store  for  the   future. But  one  dry starter pack is  all you need.   Here is  another  option – make pancakes.

This  is  one  recipe  you can try   with fresh  active  starter or  the one  that  has started  to deflate  slightly.  A  flat   starter  –  one  without   bubbles  that  needs  to be  activated  again –  is  not  the one  to be  used  here.    If  the  starter is  not  active, refresh it just  the  way you  do usually.  Remove the portion   that  you have  to discard  and  set it  aside  in a  warm place  for  about  an  hour (ex: oven  set  to  350 and  turn on only for a  minute  or  two) or  until  it is  bubbly.

This pancake  is  not  too sweet  or  too fluffy , but  spongy and  holds its shape  very nicely.  It  makes  me  think of  my  favorite  Appam from Kerala.  If  your  starter  is  matured  chances  are   the   flavors  will match  too. But  mature starter or  not, the pancakes  will be  very flavorful. What  sets  these  apart  a  mature starter is  the aroma.  the  complex  flavors  of  the  sourdough  culture   wafts  through the  air  as  it  cooks.  Incredible  just  does  not  seem  to  describe  it 🙂

I have  made  these a  few  times  before and  each time  it  was a  hit.  Once  we  have  tried  it  without  the  egg –  it is  still good , but  egg brings   that  bit  of  color  and  flavor  making  it  more  rich and  appealing.  If you  are  not  using  eggs, just  add the  sugar  and a  pinch of  salt, mix  well and  thin using   milk – dairy or  non dairy  milk is  fine  in this  recipe.

Sourdough Discard Pancakes Cooking

See  the  millions (OK  hundreds ! ) of  bubbles  forming as  it  cooks . All that  without  using baking powder or  baking  soda!.

The  hardest part  in the  recipe is   mixing  the  egg  and  the  starter. Both are  thick and  viscous and  you need to apply a  bit  of  elbow  grease  get  these  two mixed.   I do not  recommend  using  a  blender  for  this –  as we  do not  want  to lose all the   nice  air  bubbles.  Whisking  by hand  deflates  some  of  the   bubbles , but  not  as  much as  the  blender.   If  making a  larger batch you could  use a  stand  mixer  fitted  with paddle  attachment.

I add  just a  tad  bit  of  sugar  to this  pancake batter , because  I love  the   wild  yeast  flavors.  If  you prefer , double  or  triple  the  amount  the  sugar, but   I urge  you  to try them   with  less  sugar at  least  once !

Sourdough Pancakes

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Yield: 2 to 4 servings

Sourdough Pancakes

A delicious pancake made with sourdough starter - perfect way to use up extra starter.


Sourdough Starter - 2 C (Fresh, Active)
Egg - 1
Sugar - 1/2 Tbsp
Water - 1/4 C (As Needed)
Salt - A pinch
Butter/Coconut Oil for Frying


Take the egg in a mixing bowl. Add sugar and 2 tablespoons of water and beat well till frothy.

Add a pinch of salt and beat a few more times.

Add the starter to the egg mix and mix in. If needed add the remaining water a little by little to obtain the poring consistency of pancake batter.

Set aside for a few minutes.

Heat a griddle over medium heat.

Once it is hot brush it with a slice of butter or coconut oil.

Pour about 1/4 to 1/3 C of batter on the hot griddle.

Wait for it to sizzle and the sides to set and pull back a little from the pan. Flip and cook on the other side till cooked through.

Repeat with the rest of the batter.

Serve warm.


This recipe adds just enough sugar to round up the flavors s and keep the yeast active. Add more sugar up to, 2 tbsp, as per your taste.



Well I made  the  pancakes  with just a  hint  of  sugar ,  but  then  this  happened ..

Pancakes Made With Sourdough Starter


… so I  had  to  make a  another batch last  weekend.


Sourdough Pancakes

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