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Sirke Wale Pyaz – Vinegar Onions | Easy Pickled Red Onions Recipe

Red onions  soaked  in vinegar  turn  beautiful shade of  pink. We  love  these  pickled  onions  or  Sirke Wale Pyaz.   The  only thing I  remember from my first  ever Punjabi  thali  are  these  beautiful  pink  onions.  Wonder  how  many years (decades!) ago was  that ?  I am  glad  that I could  remember  anything   at  all from that  meal!.  I have  renewed appreciation for  the saying  “you eat  with your  eyes  first” .

Vinegar Onions - sirke wala pyaz

It is  very easy to make   sirke  wale pyaz. The  vinegar  mellows the  flavors and the onions  are  not as pungent  while  still retaining  some  crunch.   These delicious  condiment is very easy to  make  too. Add the picked  onions  to salads , sandwiches,wraps or  or  serve  with kabobs.

Pearl Onions - purple

Small red pearl onions are  the  best  for  this  recipe, but  if you do not  have them use sliced  red onions.

Vinegar Onions - sirke wala pyaz

Peel  the  skin  off the  onions.  Wash then and  pat  dry completely.  Boil the  water  and  cool or  use  purified  water. Place half  the  salt  in the  bottle and  arrange the  onions on top. Sprinkle  the  remaining  salt on top  and pour  the  vinegar. Give a gentle shake and  pour  enough  water  on top to cover the  onions. The  onions  will float a little so do not  worry about  immersing them under water.  Place  the  lid on  and  give a  gentle  shake.

Keep the bottle in a  dark place – away from sunlight  and  let  the flavors  develop for  at  least a  day, preferably 3  days.  Once  opened  use immediately or  transfer  to the  fridge and  use  within a  week.

Vinegar Onions - sirke wala pyaz

Sirke Wala Pyaz

By Syama
Sirke Wala Pyaz is   onions  pickled  in   vinegar.    When  purple  onions   are  dipped  in  vinegar  it  turns a  beautiful pink  and a  delight  to  the  taste buds. 
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Rest Time 23 hours 50 minutes
Total Time 1 day
Course side
Cuisine Indian


  • 1 C Pearl Onions
  • 1/4 C Vinegar
  • 1 C Water As Needed
  • 1 Tsp Salt


  • Boil and cool the water.
  • Peel the onions and rinse them under cold water .
  • Pat dry completely.
  • Clean and dry a non reactive jar (glass/ ceramic).
  • Add the half of the the salt to the jar. Place the onions on top of the salt. Pour the vinegar on top. Add enough water to cover the onions. Close the lid and give a gentle shake.
  • Set aside in a cool dark place
  • You can use it the next day or for better flavor let it sit for 3 days. Once opened transfer to the fridge and use within a week.


  • Red pearl onions gives the best color. If not available use regular red onions or shallots.
  • You could add green chilies or garlic to it as well. If adding these let the pickle sit undisturbed for 3 days before opening.
  • I prefer  to make these  with  red  onions, but  when  not  available add a couple  slices  of  beets  to the  white  onions  to give the   purple  color. 

Important: Nutrition Values are estimates. Actuals vary based on ingredients and serving size.

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These  bright  colored  onions  sure are  a  treat  for  the  eyes  as  well as  the  taste buds.

Sirke Wale Pyaz is a  great   accompaniment  to many  North Indian  dishes. These are just  perfect  to  counter  the  spicy hot  curry.

Try serving  them  with  Naan or  curries  like  chicken tikka  masala



Vinegar Onions - sirke wala pyaz

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