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Linzer Cookies – Celebration In A Cookie

Linzer   cookies  – don’t  these beautiful capture  the  essence of  the  holiday  season ? The powdered  sugar  reminds  me  of  the   sprinkling  of the   powdery snow,  the  beautiful  star  shapes and  the  vibrant   red jam  peeking  out  from the  center  is  the  hope  for  the  future,  welcoming the  new year !  Am  I getting  a  bit  carried  away ?  Well may be  , just  a  little .. The  truth is  it is a  lot  of  fun to make  these  cookies.  These  beauties are elegant and  at  the  same time a perfect   fun activity for  the little  helpers in the  kitchen – lots of  room  for  imagination  and creativity as  well. Linzer Cookies

Linzer Torte, is a  classic  Austrian  desert  with  nutty  pastry  crusts  and  jam.  These  cookies  are a  much  simpler  bite  size  versions.  Two of  the  cookies  are  sandwiched  with  a  layer of  jam  between  them.  Make  them in  any shape  you like – squares , rectangle, circle , flower, stars  or  what  have  you . They  look  beautiful  and  taste  delicious.

The  cookie  dough is  spicy, aromatic and nutty.   If  you start  with room temperature  ingredients   the  dough   comes  together  very easily  even   with out  the  help of  an electric   mixer.

Sift  the  flour , salt , baking  powder  and  the  powdered  spices  together.  Mix well and  sift one more  time  to  aerate  the mix  and  to distribute  the  ingredients  evenly. Set aside.   Place  the  nuts  in a  food  processor  or blender  and  pulse a  few  times  till they are  coarsely powdered.  Do  not  process  any further as  these  will  give  out  oils  and  you will end  up  with a  nut  butter.

Beat the  butter  till it is  soft  and fluffy. To this add  the  brown sugar  and  beat till  well  blended  and  the  mixture  is  creamy.  Add  the  egg yolks  and  vanilla  and  mix  in  thoroughly.   Add the  flour mix  in batches  and  mix  in leaving a  few  tablespoons of  flour behind.   Add  the ground  nuts  to the  remaining flour  mix  well and  add  to the  dough.  Mix  everything  uniformly .

Divide  the   dough  in half . Form into  balls  and  flatten  into  disc  about 4 inch in diameter.   Cover  with  a  plastic  wrap and  chill for  at  least  an  hour.  This   dough stays  good in the  refrigerator for a  couple  days or  can be  frozen  for a  few  weeks.

Making Linzer Cookie

When  ready to bake, take  out  the  dough  and  let  it  rest on the  counter  for  10 minutes .  Sprinkle  some  flour on a  work surface  and   roll  the   dough out   into a  large   circle  about  1/8th of  an inch thickness.  Use  cookie  cutters  to  cut  the  dough into   desired  shapes.  Cut  out the  center of half  of  the  shapes.  I have  cut  out  some  stars  and  flowers  and    and  from the  centers  of  half  of  then  have  cut  out  smaller  stars  and  flowers.  No cookie  cutters ? No problem,  look  around  the  kitchen and you could  easily find  glasses or  cans or  small bowls  to makes circles  of  different  sizes.

Place  the  cookies on a  baking  sheet  at  least  an   inch apart  and  bake in a  preheated oven  at  350°F oven   for  9 to 11  minutes .  The  cookies  are  done  when  the  bottoms  begin to  brown  and  the  sides  look  form.  Remove   from the   oven   and  let  cool in the  cookie  sheet  for  2  minutes.  Transfer  to a  cooling  rack  and  cool  completely .

If not  planning  to  serve  the  cookies  the  same ,  store them in an  airtight  container.

Linzer Cookies

When  ready to assemble  place  the  cookies   with  cutouts  on  a cooling  rack  and  sift the  powdered sugar on top.  Take  the  jam in  a  bowl. If  it  is  very thick  warm a  little  to bring  it  to  spreadable  consistency.    Take  about  half a  teaspoon jam and  spread it on the  bottom a  cookie  without  the  center portion  cut  out.  Place a  similar  shape  cookie  with the  cutout on top of  the  jam   with  the sugared  surface   facing  away from  the  jam .  Press  togeher  and  voila !!!

Linzer Cookies

Linzer Cookies

Linzer Cookies

By Syama
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Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 30 minutes
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine European
Servings 1 - 3 dozen depending on size


  • 2 C AP Flour
  • 3/4 C Butter
  • 2 Egg Yolks
  • 2/3 C Brown sugar
  • 1 C Walnuts/Almonds
  • 1 1/2 Tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 Tsp Cinnamon
  • 1/4 Tsp All Spice
  • 1/4 Tsp Salt
  • 1/4 C Confectioner's Sugar
  • 1/2 C Jam


  • Bring the butter and eggs to room temperature.
  • Sift the flour, spices, salt and the baking powder together. Mix well and sift again. Set aside.
  • Pulse the nuts in a food processor or blender till they turn to a coarse powder. Set a side.
  • In a large mixing bowl beat the butter until fluffy . Add the brown sugar and beat till the mix is creamy. Add the egg yolks and vanilla and beat in until evenly blended.
  • Add the flour to the butter mix in batches and stir in. You may have to mix using the spatula after the fist half of the flour is mixed in. Add the nuts to the last couple of tablespoons of flour and transfer everything to the butter mixture. Mix evenly, but do not overwork the dough.
  • Divide the dough in half. Form into balls , and pat into discs about 4 inches in diameter. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hr, preferably overnight.
  • Lightly flour a work surface and roll the dough out into 1/8 inch thickness. Using cookie cutters cut out into desired shapes. From half the cookies cut out center portions. Gather the leftover pieces of dough and re roll and repeat the process.
  • Pre-heat the oven to 350°F. Arrange the cookies on a cookie sheet leaving at least an inch space between them. Bake cookies for about 9 to 11 minutes. The cooking times vary depending on thickness. The cookies are done when the bottoms brown and edges are firm. Remove the trey from oven. Cool in the tray for 2 minutes and using a spatula transfer the cookies to a cooling rack to cool completely. Store in airtight containers.

To Serve

  • Sift confectioner's sugar over the cookies with the center cut outs . Spread a little jam on the bottom of a cookie without the cutout and place the cutout cookie on top with the powdered sugar side facing away from the jam.

Important: Nutrition Values are estimates. Actuals vary based on ingredients and serving size.

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Linzer Cookies

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