Linzer Cookies – Celebration In A Cookie

Linzer Cookies

Linzer   cookies  – don’t  these beautiful capture  the  essence of  the  holiday  season ? The powdered  sugar  reminds  me  of  the   sprinkling  of the   powdery snow,  the  beautiful  star  shapes and  the  vibrant   red jam  peeking  out  from the  center  is  the  hope  for  the  future,  welcoming the  new year !Read more

Valentine Palmiers 

Valentine Palmiers

Palmiers  are elegant  sweet   crunchy   cookies .  This  classic  french pastry  is  the  inspiration  for  this   valentine’s  day   treat . To me a perfect  valentine’s  day  desert  has  to  be simple, elegant  and  not  time  consuming.  Here comes  the  puff pastry sheets  to the  rescue !!!

Almond Snow Balls

Snow Ball Cookies With Almonds

I   have  fond  memories  of   trips  to  the  local bakeries  in  Kerala  .  Bakeries were  not  as  ubiquitous  as  the   tea  stalls ,  which  you could  find  at least  one in  every  few  kilometers . All  small  towns  had  these   family owned  shops with  glass  display cases   beckoning   childrenRead more