A Celebration In Bread – The Finnish Pulla Wreath

I am  fascinated by bread, especially the  ones  leavened with  yeast.   So every December,  you will see  me trying  out   traditional celebratory bread recipes  from  around the  world.  Here is  one  such bread – the Finnish Pulla.  Rich, soft, sweet and  close crumbed,  this  bread  could  easily be  mistaken  for cake.   This  cardamom flavored  treat Read more

Home Made Grape Wine – A Treat For X’mas And Other Times

Home Made Grape Wine

A  sip of  home made   wine   and a  slice of  X’mas  fruit  cake  is  something  we look forward  to  every year.   The  fruit cake is   rich full of  spices and  studded  with  dried  fruits  while  the  home  made  wine  is  full bodied  with  just a  hint  of  spices.  This grape  wine  locally known as MunthiriRead more

Linzer Cookies – Celebration In A Cookie

Linzer Cookies

Linzer   cookies  – don’t  these beautiful capture  the  essence of  the  holiday  season ? The powdered  sugar  reminds  me  of  the   sprinkling  of the   powdery snow,  the  beautiful  star  shapes and  the  vibrant   red jam  peeking  out  from the  center  is  the  hope  for  the  future,  welcoming the  new year !Read more

KulKul – The Sweet X’mas Treat From Goa

Years  ago I read  this  story  where  the   writer  described how  his  house  and  everything in it conspired  against  him  every time  he  came  to some  money. With every extra penny there  was either an appliance  that needed  repair or  replacing, or a  leaky roof or sprinkler   and  so on. You get  the  idea.Read more

Lussekatter or St.Lucia Rolls – The Swedish Saffron Buns

Swedish Saffron Buns
Swedish Saffron Buns

Some foods are  more  special to  us   than  others. They connect us to  the  culture  and  traditions.  Every culture, every region in the  world  have them. Lussekatter is such a  beautiful  bread  that is part of  the  Swedish  tradition of  celebrating St.Lucia’s  day. These  rich saffron buns are  delicious  with a  mug of  coffee or  inRead more

X’mas Fruit Cake

Christmas Cakes  and  stars on the  front  porch  are  major  part of my memories of   X’mas  in  Kerala. It  did  not  matter  whether  you were a christian  or not,  stars  and the fruit cakes  were  enjoyed by all.  Here  was   a  recipe that  in all probability  was introduced by the   Europeans,  embracedRead more