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5 Mocktails To Ring In The New Year – Welcome To 2018

Hard  to believe   it  is  almost  2018  !!!   Here is  something  for  the  New Year’s  Eve party  –  5  absolutely  fun  mocktails  from  a  few  of  my favorite  food bloggers.    These are  drinks  that  you can  safely share  all  night  long, along  with  the  usual  suspects.    These are  perfect  if  you are  throwing a  kids  and  teens party  as  well .


When   my babies  were babies  we  used  to have   early new year  party  for  them, making  sure  that the  kids  went  to bed  by  9 pm leaving  the for  the rest of  the  evening  to  be well – adults.  Now  they have  grown a  bit and are a  little too  smart  for  that – so we  do let  them  stay up late, along  with the  friends.  Anyhow  long  story short, the  kids  (8 and  up) have  fun  making  their  own  mini party within the party by  assembling   most  of  these  drinks.  Bring  everything  together   and  let  them have  fun !  Cleanup is  for  another  day 🙂

  1. Cranberry Ginger Soda Form Kitchen At Hoskins

    It is  fun to make  drink  was a  hit  with the little  helpers.  The   colors  are  bright  and  lively  and so are  the  flavors – orange ,  ginger  and  cranberries. Delish !

2. Lavender Lemonade from  Oh So Delicioso

This  is  elegant  and  delicious !!!  Make  it  alcohol  free  for  kids  and  sneak some  into  yours 😉 .


3. Pineapple Moctails  from Food  Funda

The colors are so beautiful here – all festive !!! Who is not going to have fun making these ? The  secret  ingredient  here is rose  syrup –  Roohafza  of  the  Indian  and  middle  eastern  cuisine. If  you  can’t  find  it  try it   with a  little  cherry  syrup.  Either  way  the  flavors are amazing .. Need any more reason to make this ?

4. Non Alcoholic Sangira  from The Anti June Cleaver 

Oh man , I love   Sangria, whether I am  enjoying  the  summer   or waiting for  it.   This is  one  drink  I will happy drink  any time .

5. Butterbeer from Yummily Yours

Which harry Potter  fan –  adult  or  children  can    resist  this ? – Butterbeer !!!




Stay Safe


Happy  New  Year !!!!