Basic Whole  Wheat  Pizza

It is  nice  to have a multipurpose  dough  on  hand    during  busy days .  This  is  the   easy  ,  go to  dough that   gets  we  make almost  every week .  I love  it   because  it  adapts  well  into   many different   recipes.  turn it  into an all time  kid favorite, the    cheese  pizza ,  or  a   flat bread  or  a  calzone  or   even  steamed  buns .  If  you have a  stand mixer  double  the  recipe   and   freeze  for  later .   When allowed  to rise  slowly  in the   fridge  it  tastes  even better .

This  dough  is  made   with a  mix  of   whole  wheat  and  all purpose / bread   flours .   Try to use  the  best  quality  flour  you can  find  ,    and  always  go for  the  unbleached ,  non bromated  ones .
Take   the   flours in a  large  mixing  bowl .   Add   salt  and  mix  well .  Make  a  hole  in the   center  of  the   flour  mix ,  add  the   honey   ,  about  1/4  C   lukewarm (110°F) water    and  the   yeast . Give  it a   gentle  stir and   set  aside  for  the  yeast  to  bloom .  As  always  if  you are  unsure  of the   quality of  the  yeast   activate  it  in a  separate  bowl  and   add  to the   mix .Once  the  yeast  has  become  active   add  the   rest  of  the   water     little  by little   while  stirring   everything  together   with a  spatula  or   wooden  spoon   until  all the   flour has become moist  and  a  shaggy  mass is  formed .  Stop   stirring ,  cover the   dough and   let  it   rest for  20 minutes .  During  this   resting  period the  whole  wheat  absorbs   moisture     and   the   gluten  formation  gets  a  head  start .
Tip  the    dough   out  to a  lightly floured  surface  and  knead  lightly for   5  to  10 minutes .  Do not  over  work the   dough .   As  you knead   the   dough becomes  more  pliable  and  elastic ,  add  a  few   tablespoons  more  of   flour  if  it  feels  too  sticky .   Remember   the   dough   that  feels  a  little  wet   will  not   feel  so after a   few  minutes  of  kneading .    A little   wet   dough  is  gives  better   results  than   a  dry   stiff dough .
Form into a  smooth  ball .  Transfer  into an   oiled  bowl  and  let  it  rise   till  doubled .   There  are a  few  options  at  this  point .   The  bowl  can  be  covered  tightly and   transferred  to   the   fridge  for   slow  /  overnight   rising . IT  can  be  left  on a  warm  spot   to   double  in  1  to 1.5   hours .  But  if  planning  to have  the  dough rise in the   fridge  for  a  day or  more ,  reduce  the   quantity of  yeast  to 1 tsp or  less .

Punch the   dough  down  and   knead  gently for  a  few  times .  If  not  planning  to use  immediately  portion  the   dough  and   store   in   freezer bags  for  a  few  days  or in the   fridge  for few  hours  or  overnight .  The  frozen  dough  can  be   defrosted   overnight  in the  refrigerator or by leaving  it  on the  counter top  for 1  to 2  hours .

Shape  it  and    use  in  your  favorite   recipes ..


Notes :

  • The ambient  temperature   and  yeast  quality affects  the   rising  times .
  • The   amount  of  water  needed  in a   dough  varies  by  flour  and  weather .   During   drier  seasons   the  flour   tend  to  absorb  more  moisture .
  • Measuring  by  weight  is  more   accurate than   measuring  by  volume .

Enjoy !!!


Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
Prep Time
20 mins
Total Time
2 hrs
Servings: 2 lb Dough
Author: Syama
  • Bread Flour / All Purpose Flour - 220 gm 1 3/4 C
  • WW Flour - 300 gm 2 1/2 C
  • Salt - 10 gm 1 1/2 Tsp
  • Honey - 7 gm 1 Tsp
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 20 gm 2 Tbsp
  • Yeast - 7 gm 1 3/4 Tsp
  • Water - 340 gm Scant 11/2 C
  1. Heat the water till lukewarm (110°F) or just warm to touch .Mix yeast honey and about 1/4 C water and set aside for the yeast to activate .
  2. Mix the flours and salt in a large mixing bowl .Make a well in the center and add the yeast mixture followed by oil .Slowly pour up to 3/4 of the total water , while mixing using a spatula or wooden spoon .If dry flour remains add the rest of the water and mix with hands , if necessary ,until a shaggy dough is formed .Cover and set aside for 20 minutes .
  3. Knead gently for 10 minutes until the a smooth and pliable dough has formed .Transfer to an oiled bowl , cover and let rise till doubled in a warm place .Alternately let rise in the refrigerator (3 to 24 hrs).
  4. Punch down and proceed with your recipe .Alternately portion the dough according to usage and place in a freezer bag . Remove excess air and freeze for up to 3 months .
  5. When ready to use , thaw in the fridge overnight , or on the counter for 1 - 2 hrs before shaping .


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