Ukranian Paska – Sweet Easter Bread

Ukranian Paska - Easter Bread

This is  the  Ukranian Paska,  lovely,  soft  and sweet   Easter  bread.  I came  across  this  bread  few  years  back  when   searching  for   traditional  recipes.  Up until then , my Easter  breads   were  restricted  to  hot cross  buns  and  no  cross  buns.  Eastern European countries  have a  wonderful collection of  traditions breadsRead more

Lussekatter or St.Lucia Rolls – The Swedish Saffron Buns

Swedish Saffron Buns
Swedish Saffron Buns

Some foods are  more  special to  us   than  others. They connect us to  the  culture  and  traditions.  Every culture, every region in the  world  have them. Lussekatter is such a  beautiful  bread  that is part of  the  Swedish  tradition of  celebrating St.Lucia’s  day. These  rich saffron buns are  delicious  with a  mug of  coffee or  inRead more

Sourdough Naan – A Naturally Leavened Flat Bread

  Being  a  big  fan of   wild yeast I  had  to make a sourdough version of naan.  What is  so special  about  sourdough naan,   you ask ?     The  answer  lies  in the  depth of flavor ,  and  of course  there is  the  added  nutritional value.   Naan  by any method  is  aRead more

Estonian Kringle – A Twist on the Cinnamon Rolls

  Oh the  aroma of  cinnamon  rolls  baking  in the  oven  !!!  It  sure  draws  the  kids  to the   kitchen. Such a  fun  way to wake them up in the  mornings .  Take  it up a notch and make  Estonian  Kringle. This delicious  loaf  ,  filled   with  buttery cinnamon sugar  looking  absolutely gorgeous .Read more

Armenian Gata

One of  the  perks  of  living  in  California is   that one  gets  to  experience  different  cultures and cuisines.  Sometime back  I found  these   wonderful sweetbreads   called  Gata  in a  middle  eastern bakery .   A  bit  of  research  led  to  Armenian  Gata .  It is a  sweet  bread ,  almost  like aRead more