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Happy Vishu !Happy Baishaki !Happy Bihu ! Puttāṇṭu vāḻttukkaḷ ! Happy Ugadi ! My last few posts have been about food related to Vishu celebrations. For the people of Kerala Vishu is the new year according to the traditional calendar – Kollavarsham. It is the year 1193 (2018 CE) according to this calendar. Just to …

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Kanji is a porridge made with rice and served with a one or more sides. Vishu Kanji is a special version made for Vishu – the Malayali New year. This is the sweet version of the dish in which cooked beans and rice are flavored with coconut milk and spices and sweetened with a little jaggery.

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Nei Payasam is a cherished offering of Kerala temples. The gods love Nei Paysasam , so do the  devotees, the  non religious folks  and  even  the atheists.  Rice, ghee, and jaggery are the three main ingredients. These 3 blend together to create such incredible flavors that often times no other flavoring are needed !

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Palada is a milk based kheer made with fresh rice noodles or ada . This is a gluten free dessert that is in a semi liquid form. The noodles are prepackaged or sometimes freshly made. The sweetened thick with bits of soft melt in the mouth ada is the perfect end to a traditional Kerala feast. Drink up the liquid and savor the ada by itself or mix it all up and enjoy by the spoonfuls !

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