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If  you never had Palappam, you are in for for a treat.  Imagine  crepe like  bowls, crispy and  lacy  on the  sides  and  a  bit  spongy  towards  the  middle.  These  are  known as Palappam in Kerala  while  across  the   ocean in Sri Lanka a  similar recipe  is  used  to  make Hoppers.  Whereas  Hoppers are usually …

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Palada is a milk based kheer made with fresh rice noodles or ada . This is a gluten free dessert that is in a semi liquid form. The noodles are prepackaged or sometimes freshly made. The sweetened thick with bits of soft melt in the mouth ada is the perfect end to a traditional Kerala feast. Drink up the liquid and savor the ada by itself or mix it all up and enjoy by the spoonfuls !

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Vada pav is a popular Indian street food. Call it the vegan Indain burger – or carb on carbs , but you can not deny its appeal. When you break it down it is spiced potato fritters and white bread. A generous amount chutneys and spice powders add to the visual appeal and makes it something more than the sum of its parts. Bite on the fried chili if yo dare!

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Flat breads  or  rotis  are  found  everywhere in  the  Indian  subcontinent.   Usually  made  to  order   and  eaten  warm  with accompaniments .  These are  made   with a  variety of  flours ,  but  wheat  remains  predominant .   A  tour of  the  region  will  definitely introduce  one  to the  lean rotis, layered rotis ,  stuffed …

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