Pineapple Kesari – Sweet, Tangy and Fit For a Feast

Pineapple Kesari

Kesari is  an Indian  desert  made with sooji/rava (cream of  wheat).  It is  quite  easy to  make  and  is a perfect treat to serve unexpected guests or  for impromptu  celebrations.  This  humble  desert is  known  by different  names , sheera , halva , kesari  are  the  ones  I know  of.  Plain  kesaris  are   delicious,Read more

Seven Cups – Simple No Fail Diwali Sweet

  Seven Cups, as the  name  suggests  is  made   with  seven cups of  ingredients .   Any measuring  cup  will do as  long  as  all ingredients  are  measured  using the  same.  My first  trial  had  me  hooked .  The  perfect  fudge  like  texture  with a  simple  recipe . Now  it  has  become  a  tradition  toRead more

Festival Flavors – Shankarpali

Shankarpali Diamond Cuts

Shankarpali   is  another  tea  time  snack  popular in many states  of  India.  Crunchy , a  bit  sweet  and  utterly munch-able, it is  known by names  – shakarpara , shakarpaada , diamond  cuts  to names a  few – in  different  regions . The  beauty  of  this   snack lies in its  simplicity.  No  wonder  it  is   ever so popularRead more

Whole Wheat Lacha Parathas

  Lacha paraths  are  the   puff pastry of  flat  breads.  With  their  beautiful layered look  and  the interesting  textural  contrast  these appeal to the  eyes as  well as  the taste buds. Often  served hot  with  spicy curries these flat breads are very popular  in India . In the  south   these  are  often  referred  toRead more

Tandoori Chicken – Made at Home

  Tandoori chicken has a  fan  following  in  the  Indian  subcontinent  as  well as  many other  parts  of  the  world , and  rightfully so too .  This   appetizing   chicken  preparation is  pleasing  to the  eye  and  the  palette.   Chicken is  marinated  in  yogurt  and   spices   and  cooked  in the  clayRead more

X’mas Fruit Cake

Christmas Cakes  and  stars on the  front  porch  are  major  part of my memories of   X’mas  in  Kerala. It  did  not  matter  whether  you were a christian  or not,  stars  and the fruit cakes  were  enjoyed by all.  Here  was   a  recipe that  in all probability  was introduced by the   Europeans,  embracedRead more

Ladi Pav – Celebration of Street Food

The   undisputed  capital of  Indian  street  food is  Mumbai .  It is  not  that  the  other  regions   do not  have  their  own   varieties , but Mumbai  managed to   break off  the  economic, class,  and  religious barriers  and   serve  up the  most  fabulous  and  pocket  friendly  quick  eats .  Among  theRead more