Pumpkin Halva

Halva is a  very popular  sweet in Kerala.  Sweet shops  carry  umpteen  variations of these, but pumpkin halva  is  not  one  of  them, usually.  It is typically  made at home  with  wholesome ingredients,  and is in fact good  for  you!!!  The   sweetener of  choice is  jaggery –  unrefined evaporated  cane  juice –  which is  richRead more

How to Roast a Pumpkin

Pumpkin Pieces

  I do not  use  canned  pumpkin or  the   canned  pie  fillings. When we  make  a  pumpkin  filled  baked goodies ,  which  happens  quite a  lot  during  the  season,  it  starts  of  with the roasted mashed  pumpkins.  The  difference in  flavor  is  absolutely  amazing.  Making  the  puree or  mashed  pumpkins  is  an  easy task.Read more

Erisseri – Savory Pumpkin Stew Kerala Style


  My aunt  B was  blessed   with  incredible  green thumb. No matter  the  time of  the  year  there    always    were vegetables  to  be  harvested  from  her  backyard – pumpkins,  amaranth,  elephant  foot  yam, long  beans , okra .. the  list  goes  on.  A visit  to aunt B’s home  meant  that we  could  skip  the  weekly  vegetable  run.Read more