Red Coconut Chutney – From Kerala

Red Coconut Chutney

  This is a  typical  Coconut  Chutney prepared  in Kerala homes.  This creamy,  red  coconut chutney  has  smokey undertones and  a  tinge of tang. I have  had it umpteen times – mom,  granny,   countless aunt’s  and  a  few  friends are   all  experts   when it  comes  to  making  Coconut  Chutney.   The  taste isRead more

How To Make Fresh Coconut Milk At Home

Coconut Milk

Let me be  honest, I am not  above using  canned  coconut  milk. With every passing year  the canned milk seems  to  get  better  with less and less additives  and  more  creamy coconut  taste.  But  nothing  compares  to  the  taste of freshly extracted   coconut  milk.   Food  tastes  heavenly when  slow  cooked  in  thin  coconutRead more

Dilkush –  Coconut Stuffed  Sweet Buns

 This  is  another  nostalgia  inspired   bread – Dilkush.   The name  literally  translates to – “Happy Heart”. These  are the Coconut  and  tuti fruiti (candied  fruits & peels )  stuffed  buns  sold  in the  neighborhood  bakeries  of my childhood.   It  was  kind  of   exotic  in a  land  where  home  baking  never  caught  on.Read more