Easy Sourdough Pancakes – Say No To Discarding Starter !

Pancake made with sourdough starter or discard

Who doesn’t like pancakes – the  soft  fluffy kind  that   melts in your  mouth !   Well here is  one  that  is  even   better – sourdough pancakes.  Not  only do these  taste  great , the  aromas  as  these  cook are heavenly.  All this   without  any levening  or  other  flavorings.  What  better  way  to  use  up  extra Read more

Mathi Mulakittathu – Spicy Sardine Curry

Mathi Mulakittathu is a  traditional  Kerala  fish curry, made  with  sardines.   This   red  curry is  indeed  spicy  and  not  for the  faint  of  heart.   If you are  not a  fan  of  sardine  make  it  with other  small  fatty fish.   Since  this curry  is  hot and tangy it is  usually served  with a  neutral   starch –Read more

Turmeric And Herbs Pull Apart Loaf – Recipes To Wash The Winter Blues Away

Turmeric And Herb Pull Apart Loaf

A  warm  sunny   bread  for  the   cold  days , that  is  what  this  loaf is.   The  color of the loaf itself  brings a smile to  the  face.   This  lovely pull apart loaf  is  meant  for  sharing, just  get  everyone  around  the  table and   dig  in.  Serve  it  with  a  bowl of  soup ,  salad,  someRead more

Thiruvathira Puzhukku – Root Vegetable Medley

Thiruvathira Puzhukku

Puzhukku is a  dish made   of  boiled/steamed  root vegetables mixed  with  seasoned  coconut paste. These are  served   either by itself  or  with  Kanji (rice).  Thiruvathira  Puzhukku is made with a mix of  seasonal root  vegetables and beans.  The tubers  are nutritious  and  filling  while the beans are a source of protein making  it  ideal for ladies  whoRead more

5 Mocktails To Ring In The New Year – Welcome To 2018


Hard  to believe   it  is  almost  2018  !!!   Here is  something  for  the  New Year’s  Eve party  –  5  absolutely  fun  mocktails  from  a  few  of  my favorite  food bloggers.    These are  drinks  that  you can  safely share  all  night  long, along  with  the  usual  suspects.    These are  perfect  if  you are  throwingRead more

Kerala Plum Cake – Simple Version

Easy Christmas Fruit Cake

Plum cakes –  the spiced dark brown cakes  studded  with  dried  fruits (mainly raisins)  – are  popular in Kerala  all   year  around.  Don’t  be  fooled  by the  name,  there is  rarely any plum in there.  I suspect  the  name  stayed  because of  the  dark  raisins   and the  overall spicy dark  flavors of  the  cake.  During Read more