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Sambar is a spicy and tangy South Indian dish made with lentils and vegetables. This version of sambar is popular in Kerala and is usually made for special occasion meals like sadya. The mix of lentils and vegetables make it very nutritious and when paired with rice it becomes a complete meal.

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Pulisseri or Pulissery  is  yogurt based  curry that  is  flavored  with  ground  coconut  and  a few  spices.  This  traditional Kerala dish is  made very often in  Kerala homes it  takes  very little  cooking  time and  umpteen  variations  are  possible. Unlike  many  other  curries, you don’t  need  to  rely on a  spice paste or  elaborate  cooking …

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Have you ever  wondered   what  kind of  chips  the  gods  are  likely to much on ? If you are a Malayali  the answer is “Plantain chips”, of course!  All right , that was a bit  over  the  top, but  these chips  are  darn  delicious.  Chips, Onam , nostalgia.. be warned,  this  is going  to …

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Nei Payasam is a cherished offering of Kerala temples. The gods love Nei Paysasam , so do the  devotees, the  non religious folks  and  even  the atheists.  Rice, ghee, and jaggery are the three main ingredients. These 3 blend together to create such incredible flavors that often times no other flavoring are needed !

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