Nei Payasam – Food For The Gods And Indulgance For The Mortals

Nei Payasam Sharkkara Payasam

  Wondering  what  is up with  that title,  well let  me  explain.   Nei Payasam is a cherished offering of Kerala temples. The gods love Nei Paysasam , so do the  devotees, the  non religious folks  and  even  the atheists.  Nei  in Malayalam means ghee or  clarified  butter, and  Nei payasam is  a sweet desert  made  withRead more

Erisseri – Savory Pumpkin Stew Kerala Style

  My aunt  B was  blessed   with  incredible  green thumb. No matter  the  time of  the  year  there    always    were vegetables  to  be  harvested  from  her  backyard – pumpkins,  amaranth,  elephant  foot  yam, long  beans , okra .. the  list  goes  on.  A visit  to aunt B’s home  meant  that we  could  skip  the  weekly  vegetable  run.Read more

Olan – Spice it Up , Just A Little

Olan is  another essential part of  sadya  dishes. It is  quite  simple   to make   and  very mild in taste.  It  might  surprise  many to learn  that very many of  the  south Indian  dishes  are nothing  like what  the  rest  of  the  world  knows  as “Indian Food”. Olan  is  served as a  side dish for  the  carb ofRead more

Parippu – Mung Dal Kerala Style

  Parippu  literally  translates  to  split beans or dal .  Mildly flavored Mung  dal  curry , usually referred  to  as  Parippu,  is  the  first  course  in a traditional Kerala  Sadya (feast).  This  is  a light  way to start  the  meal   that  winds  its  way  through multiple  courses  of  spiced  and  sweet  dishes. This  dal with aRead more

Palada – Not the Humble Rice Pudding

  Some  things  in  life  are beautiful in their  simplicity.  Palada does  this  for  deserts. Just a few  ingredients – rice , sugar, milk,  a little ghee  and  a  pinch of  cardamom – that is all it  takes  to  make  this  popular Kerala sweet treat.  Bakeries along  the  streets of Ernakulam usually displays “Palada”  signs. The  number of signsRead more

Home Made Ada For Payasam

Palada  and  Ada Pradhaman are  the  most loved  deserts to  end  a Kerala  feast with  .   The  main ingredient  of  bath are wafers  made  of  rice  flour ,  known as  Ada.   Traditionally  these  were  made and used  on the  same  day.   The  process of  making  Ada  was  a bit involved  , hence  usually reserved  onlyRead more