A warm cup of foamy South Indian Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is the freshly brewed coffee served with hot milk. A thick aromatic decoction is made with coffee/chicory mix and served with hot foamy milk. Sweeten to you taste and sip warm.

Course other
Cuisine Indian
Author Syama


For Decoction

  • 3 Tbsp Coffee Powder Notes
  • ½ C Hot water

For Coffee

  • 1 C Milk Full fat
  • Sugar as needed


  1. Set the filter with the containers stacked. Add coffee powder to the filter. Place the press on top and press down to lightly pack the powder in. Pour the hot water over the press. Cover with lid and let the coffee percolate.
  2. Bring the milk to a boil on stove top. Add sugar (optional) to the serving cup. Pour 1 to 2 tbsp decoction over it and top of with milk. Adjust the milk, decoction, and sugar to your taste.
  3. Take another cup and pour the drink back and forth between 2 cups. This mixes the ingredients and aerates the coffee creating the foam. Serve!

Recipe Notes

The  coffee  powder  used  is  usually a mix   of  ground  arabic  and  robusta  beans (equal parts) and 10 to 40 % of  chicory.  See  blog  for  more.