How to Make butter at home 

3 Ways

Mason Jar Shake Method  Whisk  Food Processor / Blender

Collect Cream 

You can use heavy whipping cream, or collect the  cream top form yogurt or whole milk.

Shake, Whisk, Blend 

The secret to making butter - Separate the fat from the liquid. 

Shake, Whisk, Blend 

Stage 1  Cream begins to froth 

Shake, Whisk, Blend 

Stage 2 Solids begin to separate

Time to Collect 

Stage 3 Larger clumps - it is time to collect the big chunks  of butter


Time to rinse out the  excess butter milk and milk. Repeat washing in water until the water runs clear. 


Check the link for more more details on the science, tips, tricks and troubleshooting