“All those who wander are not lost ” – J.R.R. Tolkien
Tolkien is one of my favorite authors of all time. His imagination has taken many through wonderful journeys along lands that defy time and space. Humans have always stood in awe of nature, fearing her wrath, partaking in her bounty and always searching for the hidden gems she has to offer. The more you wander off, the more paths you discover !!

Jaisalmer – Sonar Quila And The Havelis

Jaisalmer is the state of  Rajasthan, India. This city is  in the middle  of  the Thar desert  and  still retains a lot of  the old  world  charm. Yes  there  are  signs of  modern  times , but  there is  also a  sense of  time standing still. The arid climate of  Thar is  not  very  kind towardsRead more
Nilgiti Mountain Railway

Nilgiri Mountain Railway – Charm Of The Old Ooty

Want  to   go for  an  old fashioned  train ride ?  Try the  Nilgiri Mountain Railway  ride  between Coonnoor  and  Udagamandalam (Ooty).  Here is  an  old  fashioned  steam  engine, chugging  up and  down  the steepest grades in  Asia.   It  may look like  an adult sized  charming  version of  toy trains, but  don’t  let  itsRead more
Badami Cave Temple

Badami Part 1 – Art In The Caves

We  walked  into  a gaping  hole  in the  mountain  trying  not  to  think  about  the  pillars  holding  up the  weight  on top of  us . This  is   Badami –  located   around  500 Km north of  Bangalore , India’s  tech Hub.