Enchanted Yet ? – Point Arena Lighthouse

Point Arena Lighthouse

Waves  crashing  constantly on the  rocks,  as if  to keep time  eternally, this  is Point  Arena.  Just pure  nature, and  a  man made  lighthouse. The lighthouse  stands at  the tip of a narrow  peninsula  jutting  about  half a mile into the pacific Ocean – serene and  ethereal.   In the sparsely populated  cost  of  Northern  California  this is an ideal  getaway to commune  with your soul.

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Cinder Cone At Lassen – On The Hiking Trail

Cinder Cone - Lassen


We were at  the  visitor  center  at Lassen  National  Park poring over  the map.  For  a  nature  lover there  are many interesting  things  to  do here.   I knew  what  I   must to do  the  minute i saw  the  picture of  the  Cinder Cone  Trail.  Lassen  has  no  dearth of volcanic  domes –  around  30  in  all. May be I  am  hopelessly lost  when  it  comes  to  certain things – but  look at  Cinder  cone  –  doesn’t  it  look  special ?? This  is a  700 ft high  Volcanic  cone ,  which has been  dormant   for  over  a  century (at least).  It is hard to  resist  an opportunity to  check  out  the place from where  earth’s  fury has been  unleashed  over  and  over !!

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A Trip To Varkala – Soft Sands, Cliffs And Sea Food

Varkkala split log canoes on the beach

The  western coast of  India has a lot of beautiful beaches.  Here you find soft  fine  sand, clear  warm   waters  and  plenty of  sea food, provided  you like the  spicy kind !   Most  of the   beaches  are   close to  fishing    villages,  where for  generations  the  people  has  depended on   the  ocean    to make their  livelihood.    Varkala  too is one  such  beach – beautiful   coastline,  soft  sand , shallow  waters  and plenty of  sea food to go around !  

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