A Celebration In Bread – The Finnish Pulla Wreath

I am  fascinated by bread, especially the  ones  leavened with  yeast.   So every December,  you will see  me trying  out   traditional celebratory bread recipes  from  around the  world.  Here is  one  such bread – the Finnish Pulla.  Rich, soft, sweet and  close crumbed,  this  bread  could  easily be  mistaken  for cake.   This  cardamom flavored  treat Read more

Armenian Gata

Armenian Gata

  One of  the  perks  of  living  in  California is   that one  gets  to  experience  different  cultures and cuisines.  Sometime back  I found  these   wonderful sweetbreads   called  Gata  in a  middle  eastern bakery .   A  bit  of  research  led  to  Armenian  Gata .  It is a  sweet  bread ,  almost  likeRead more

Apple Walnut Pull Apart Loaf

Pull apart  breads   come in all   flavors  ,  ready  for   breakfast ,  lunch,   dinner  or  any time  in between .   These  are  meant  to be  shared , no  slicing required ..  Apple  walnut  Pull Apart loaf is lightly sweet –  perfect  for laid back  breakfast  or  to take  along on a picnic.. HonestlyRead more

Hokkaido Milk Bread

This  is the  softest  milkiest  bread  I have  made  at  home  so far ,  something  a  bread baker’s  dreams  are  made of . A   perfect  example  of  soft   and  airy  bread  made by the Tangzhong  method  . By no means  it is a lean  bread.   Enriched   with   whole  milk ,  egg  and  butter,  itRead more