Strawberry Tart  – In A  Jiffy

Bright  read  strawberries  are  just so beautiful  . Sweet  succulent and  with a  touch of  tartness  these are perfect for  an in-between snack .  I  don’t  usually cook  strawberries    much .. why mess  with perfection ?   But  these strawberry tarts  are  an  exception . This  is a quick ,  last  minute  desert  thatRead more

Valentine Palmiers 

Valentine Palmiers

Palmiers  are elegant  sweet   crunchy   cookies .  This  classic  french pastry  is  the  inspiration  for  this   valentine’s  day   treat . To me a perfect  valentine’s  day  desert  has  to  be simple, elegant  and  not  time  consuming.  Here comes  the  puff pastry sheets  to the  rescue !!!

Apple Crisp

Apple  crisp or  apple  crumble is  a   delectable  desert  with   baked  apples  on the  bottom   and a crunchy   crust  on the   top .   It is  a  quick  desert  as   there is  almost  no prep  time   involved .  Takes  30 minutes  to  bake  and   can be  served  warm .    This  humble  desert  can be  dressed  up Read more