Easy Pav Buns

Soft And Delicious Pav Bread

Pav is a soft and spongy bread used in many Indian Street food recipes. It is toasted and served with a spicy mixed vegetable mash (Pav Bhaji) or with a crunchy potato parry (Vada Pav) or in Dabeli or Misal Pav .. The versions and flavors are many but this delicious bread never fails to deliver !

Ladi Pav – Celebration of Street Food

The   undisputed  capital of  Indian  street  food is  Mumbai .  It is  not  that  the  other  regions   do not  have  their  own   varieties , but Mumbai  managed to   break off  the  economic, class,  and  religious barriers  and   serve  up the  most  fabulous  and  pocket  friendly  quick  eats .  Among  the  road  side  snacks    you will find  these  soft  buns   served   with   a  mix of  vegetables , or a   fried patty .   These  soft  buns   called  Ladi Pav  have  their  own  fan following .   It  will be  hard  pressed to  find new  age Indian cook   who  hasn’t  served “pav”  in  some  form .

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