Madeira Cake With Blood Oranges

Blood Orange Madeira Cake

Here is a  simple  but  utterly satisfying   cake  recipe – Orange  Madeira Cake.    Butter, eggs , flour and leavening – all the  basic  building  blocks  of a  cake-   and a hint  of  citrus , that is  all it  takes.  I can  have  this  any time with with a cup of  tea.

Orange Pound Cake

Orange Pound Cake
What  do you do  when  a  bowl full  of  oranges  is   sitting on  the   counter ??  Juice  them  perhaps  .   There are  tonnes  of   ways   to use  them  up .  This  time I decided  to   go for a    simple  elegant  treat – Orange Pound  Cake . Bursting   with   citrus flavor, this is  a  winner  all the   time . 

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