Hydrabadi Vegetable Biryani – King of Dum Biryanis

Vegetable Biryani is a one pot  meal that  that is  fit for company .   Even  the  die hard carnivores in the  family  do not  refuse  this   dish .   Vegatable  Biryani in Hydrabadi  Dum way  is a  very fragrant , aromatic  and  rich  dish .   Aromatic  basmati rice  and  vegetables  cooked  inRead more

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

Morsels of  tender  chicken  in  creamy  tomato  sauce  aka Chicken Tikka Masala ,  is  a  very popular   fare in  Indian  restaurants .  Some  say  it  was  invented  in the   kitchens  of   London ,  others  speculate  it   was  concocted  by  the  chefs in  Punjab .  Whatever  the  origins  were  this is a  lovely dishRead more

Chickpea Biryani – No Fuss Weeknight  Dinners

  Biryanis  are    these  wonderful    casseroles  of  layers of rice  and  vegetable (or meat)   with   a heavenly blend  of   spices .  This  is  more  of a  communal  meal  where there is  main  dish   is the  star  with   coterie  of  pickles, chutneys  and  sauces .   There are  umpteenRead more