Jackfruit Biryani in Pressure Cooker | Vegan

Jackfruit Biryani Recipe

Did you know  that  jackfruit, the largest fruit from a  tree,   belongs in the  same  family as  figs ?  Well I did not.   Figs have thin  edible skin and fits in the palm  of  your  hand  while  jackfruit  is usually as  heavy as  toddler and  has spiky   thick  skin.  Both  have  large  fan  following, and Read more

Easy Week Night Dinners – Lightly Spiced Roast Lamb With Pearl Onions

Roast Lamb With Indian Spices

I had  been  dreaming  of  Raan   recently. Raan is a  roast bone  in  leg  of  lamb  marinated  in  aromatic  spices. The meat is is  fall of  the bone  tender, and  fragrant.   Honestly I am not  a big  fan of  lamb,  but   these recipes  are  so  delicious that  the  temptation to  try it  becomes  very hard Read more

Weeknight Dinners – Curry In A Hurry With Sardines And Green Tomatoes

Canned Sardine Curry

Sardines – now here is a  fish that  makes  no apologies  about  being  one.  This  tiny flavorful fish, for  many, is   an  acquired  taste –  you  either  love  them  or  can’t  stand  them.  This   recipe  is  for  those  in the   first  category.   Once  you fall in love  with these  there is no going  back,   notRead more

Curried Salmon With Spinach

Curried Salmon With Spinach

This  dish is  inspired  by my childhood.   No there  were no  Salmon in South India, but   fish was  plentiful, as were  Amaranth leaves.  Purple  amaranth was  our  favorite   Mom used  to  make “Cheera thoran” or  stir fried amaranth leaves with coconut .  Amaranth  leaves  are more  nutritious  than  spinach  and  a  mealRead more