Komola Bhog – Magic With Milk And Orange

Komola Bhog The Orange Rasgulla

What can be  better  than  sweet spongy  Rasgulla ? Sweet and  spongy Orange  Rasgula – of  course !!!  Komola Bhog is  the  orange  flavored  cousin of  the  popular Bengali sweet Rasgula.  Well  I was  recently chastised  for  calling  it a  Bengali sweet. It is not  just  popular in Bengal, many neighboring  regions lay claim toRead more

Caramel Apple Pound Cake

Caramel Apple Pound Cake

Sweet  buttery  cake  with  specks of  caramel coated  apple  pieces – the Caramel apple  pound  cake   takes  one  of  my all time  favorites  up   another level. There is   absolute  silence  in the kitchen as I served  this  to  the  kids  as  an after school  snack.   Kid Approved !!!  Not  the  bestRead more

KulKul – The Sweet X’mas Treat From Goa

Years  ago I read  this  story  where  the   writer  described how  his  house  and  everything in it conspired  against  him  every time  he  came  to some  money. With every extra penny there  was either an appliance  that needed  repair or  replacing, or a  leaky roof or sprinkler   and  so on. You get  the  idea.Read more

Pineapple Kesari – Sweet, Tangy and Fit For a Feast

Pineapple Kesari

Kesari is  an Indian  desert  made with sooji/rava (cream of  wheat).  It is  quite  easy to  make  and  is a perfect treat to serve unexpected guests or  for impromptu  celebrations.  This  humble  desert is  known  by different  names , sheera , halva , kesari  are  the  ones  I know  of.  Plain  kesaris  are   delicious,Read more

Classic Madelines – Little Bites of Heaven

  Madelines – these delectable  offspring of  cookie and  cake seem  daunting  to make.  To top it most  classic  recipe  call for  browning  butter  and  thorough  whisking off eggs,  rest times   and  careful mixing  of   flour  and  eggs. Why bother with all these when  the  store – the big box  ones  to  theRead more

Palada – Not the Humble Rice Pudding

  Some  things  in  life  are beautiful in their  simplicity.  Palada does  this  for  deserts. Just a few  ingredients – rice , sugar, milk,  a little ghee  and  a  pinch of  cardamom – that is all it  takes  to  make  this  popular Kerala sweet treat.  Bakeries along  the  streets of Ernakulam usually displays “Palada”  signs. The  number of signsRead more