Whole Wheat Buttermilk Bread – 75%  whole  Wheat

ButterMilk Whole Wheat Loaf

I love  buttermilk .  Here is  this   wonderful ingredient  that  enhances the  flavor   and  texture  of  your  baked  goods without  adding  copious  amount of  fat .   It is  easy to make  buttermilk at  home . Spiced/sweet buttermilk  was a  favorite   drink   during   summer  months  in India .  There  are  some   really good  brands  in the market now  without  additives  .   I add   it  to   breads , pancakes  and  even  cakes . The   results  are  always  fantastic .   Here is a  basic  WW  Buttermilk loaf  that is   soft  and  light  and  airy ,  perfect  for  a  breakfast  toast  or  a quick sandwich .