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Homemade Red Pepper Jelly –  Sweet , Tart, and Spicy 

I have been see piles of  these   bright   Red Peppers (capsicums) in the  farmer’s  market .We  love  these  sweet and   crunchy peppers in salads, in pizza, pasta , or just  grilled.   Pepper jelly is  lovely   with  cream  cheese on  crackers, bagels  or  toast .   I make  it a  little  sweet , a bit  tart  and  with a  hint  of  spice. This flavorful jelly is  perfect for  glazing  that oven roasted   chicken  or in a  sandwich.  Properly canned jelly jars stay fresh for  months  and  are perfect  to open up  when the  fall  rolls  into   winter.
Sweet Spicy and Tangy Red Pepper Jelly
Bell Peppers   come  in such a  wide  variety of  colors , red , green  orange  , yellow , purple  and  black to name a  few . These are perfect to add  a  instant burst  of  color  to  any dish   without  changing  the   character of  the   dish . If  that isn’t  all, the peppers  are loaded  with  vitamins A & C  and   folic acid  as  well as fiber .  As luck would have it  red  Bell Peppers  pack the  most  punch.  With  its  vibrant  red  color  and sweet  crunchy texture  this is   indeed  the   star of  the lot.  Isn’t  that   wonderful ?


A word on preparing  the  jars

If  using   specialized  canning  supplies  follow  the  canning  instructions  to sterilize  the  jars .  If  not  follow these  instructions . Wash   the  jars  and  lids  in hot  soapy water .  Boil   enough water in a  large  deep  pot  to immerse  the  bottles  in   with  about 1 to 2 ” water on  top .  Keep a  rack  in the  pot  so that  the  glass jars   won’t  be  touching  the  bottom  of  the pot .  Bring it  to a  rolling  boil  and, immerse  the  clean  bottles  in the  water  and  boil  for  10 minutes .  Dip  the   tips  of washed  and  cleaned  tongs  in the  boiling  water  for a  minute  for  added  insurance .  Dip the  lids  in   water   and  leave  it  for  a  minute or  so .   Take the lids  out with   the    tongs  and  dry with a  clean   towel   and  set  aside .  Turn off the  heat  and  keep the  bottles  submerged in water .


Cut  the  peppers  and discard   the  core .  Chop   into 1″ size  pieces .   Place  the  pieces in a  blender  and pulse into a coarse mixture.  There is  no need  to add  water  as  peppers  contain over 90% water  by weight .In another  bowl  mix 3  tablespoons of  pectin  with 1/4 C  sugar  and  set  aside .   Pectin  is a bit  controversial  among  home  canning  purists.  The  jelly can  be  made  without  using  pectin but that  would  increase  cooking  time  greatly  and  a  great  portion of  the  nutrients  get  cooked  out .   I would  recommend  using  pectin  , especially if  you can   find a non GMO brand .  It  helps  the  jelly set   faster  thus  reducing  the  cook  time .  Reduced  cook time  means  less  nutrient  loss  while  cooking .  Pectin  is  commercially available , but  can  be  made  at  home  too ..More  on that  later .

In a  large pot ,  preferably a  deep  one   to  reduce splatter ,  mix  the pepper puree , 2 cups of  sugar,  vinegar,  salt,   and  the pepper flakes .

Bring  the  mixture to a  vigorous  boil   over  high  heat . Let it  boil  for  5  minutes  stirring occasionally . Reduce  the  heat  if you have  a high output  burner  to prevent   the mixture  from burning .

Reduce  the  heat ,  add  the pectin  while  stirring  the  jelly .   Increase  the  heat  and  bring the jelly back to  vigorous boil  stirring  constantly .  Keep boiling  for  one  minute  and  turn off  the  heat .By this  time  the  mixture   would  have   thickened  slightly .

Take  the   waiting  jars  out  of  the  water  drain  and quickly  dry  them  by inverting  on clean   kitchen  towels . Pour  the  jelly into prepared  jars , leaving  about 1/4″ space on top .  Give a  gentle  shake or   run  a clean  sharp knife  along  the  sides  to   remove  any trapped  air bubbles .  Screw the lids  on   tightly   and  process .

Processing  the  jars 
As previously  follow  the manufacturer’s instructions  if  using  specialized  canning  supplies .  Put  the  jars upright in the  hot water  with at  least 1″  water   covering  the  top of  the jars .   Boil   for  about  10 to 15  minutes . Turn off the  heat   , using   tongs  remove  the jars   and  set  aside  to cool on a kitchen  towel .  As  the  jars  cool  hot  the  thermal changes  creates  a  vacuum on top and the  tops  seal   tight .  A  word  of  caution   though,  process only  the  filled  jars. If a jar is only partially full do  not  process  it.  Instead let it cool and  refrigerate.

The   jars  can  be  cooled  and  kept  in the   fridge  for   up to a  month,  while properly processed jars   will stay  fresh for  months.  This  recipe makes  enough  jelly for three 8 oz   jars .
Sweet Spicy and Tangy Red Pepper Jelly
I like  these on one  of  my favorite  breads – Berne Brot

Sweet Spicy and Tangy Red Pepper Jelly

Red Pepper Jelly

By Syama
Here is a  sweet and  tangy  jelly with a  hint  of  spicy beat.  Ripe  red  peppers  give  the  jelly its  beautiful red  color  and  a  little pectin  reduces  the  cooking  time   greatly .  Use it   to spread on toast or  to on  roast  chicken  or  pork. 
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 hours
Total Time 1 day
Course Preserves
Cuisine Fusion


  • 3 Large Red Pepper 500 gms
  • 1 Tsp Red Chili Flakes To Taste
  • 3 Tbsp Pectin See Notes
  • 2 1/4 C Sugar
  • 1/2 Tsp Salt
  • 1/2 C Apple Cider Vinegar


  • Sterilize the jars an have them waiting .
  • Clean , core and chop the red pepper into 1" pieces . Coarsely blend the peppers . Mix pectin with 1/4 C sugar and set aside.
  • Mix 2 c sugar pepper , chili flakes , salt and vinegar in a large pot . Bring the mix to a rolling boil . Keep the pepper mix boiling for 5 minutes.
  • Reduce heat and add pectin mixture while constantly stirring the mix . Bring back to rolling boil and boil for 2 minutes . Keep stirring to prevent the mixture from adhering to the bottom , The mix should thicken a bit .
  • Turn off heat and pour into waiting jars . Cover and process the jars . If not processing set aside to cool and refrigerate once cooled . Once opened store in the fridge.


Check blog notes for non pectin version

Important: Nutrition Values are estimates. Actuals vary based on ingredients and serving size.

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  • Try the  recipe  with  green chilies and  green peppers .  you will have  to  increase the  sugar a  little .
  • The jelly is  sweet, reduce  the  sugar  to 1 1/2 Cups if  desired.
  • If not using pectin take 1 to 2  green apples.  Clean , core and  slice  them  and   add  about 1 1/2  cups of sliced apples to  the blender along with the bell peppers. Increase the vinegar by 2 Tbsp and  the cooking time  will be  a  little  longer.

Sweet , tangy and spicy Red Pepper Jelly

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