Almond Snow Balls

Almond Snowballs

 I   have  fond  memories  of   trips  to  the  local bakeries  in  Kerala  .  Bakeries were  not  as  ubiquitous  as  the   tea  stalls ,  which  you could  find  at least  one in  every  few  kilometers . All  small  towns  had  these   family owned  shops with  glass  display cases   beckoning   childrenRead more

Hokkaido Milk Bread

This  is the  softest  milkiest  bread  I have  made  at  home  so far ,  something  a  bread baker’s  dreams  are  made of . A   perfect  example  of  soft   and  airy  bread  made by the Tangzhong  method  . By no means  it is a lean  bread.   Enriched   with   whole  milk ,  egg  and  butter,  itRead more

Flan Glorious Flan

Flan  is  an  elegant  desert   that  is  fit   for   company   or   to  be  indulged in all  by  oneself . There are  many versions  of  flans  around the   world  and  the  one I am  going  to describe  here is  my favorite – the Mexican Flan ,  also known  as  caramel custard . This   recipe is remarkable  for  its   simple  ingredient  list   –  eggs , sugar, milk ,  and  pinch of  nutmeg or  vanilla – all  things  easily  found  in     any  kitchen.

Apple Crisp

Apple  crisp or  apple  crumble is  a   delectable  desert  with   baked  apples  on the  bottom   and a crunchy   crust  on the   top .   It is  a  quick  desert  as   there is  almost  no prep  time   involved .  Takes  30 minutes  to  bake  and   can be  served  warm .    This  humble  desert  can be  dressed  up Read more