Home Made Ada For Payasam

Palada  and  Ada Pradhaman are  the  most loved  deserts to  end  a Kerala  feast with  .   The  main ingredient  of  bath are wafers  made  of  rice  flour ,  known as  Ada.   Traditionally  these  were  made and used  on the  same  day.   The  process of  making  Ada  was  a bit involved  , hence  usually reserved  only for celebrations.   The  fresh made  Ada  has a  melt in the  mouth  quality.  Coupled  with  the  sweet flavored milk  it  swims in,   this indeed is a  dreamy desert. Fair  warning, indulge in moderation these   are  sweet  and  rich  and do  tend  to  make  you  sleepy.           

Now a  days  packaged  dry Ada is  available, but with a little  bit  of  imagination  it can be  made at  home   easily. I love  the  taste  and  texture of   fresh Ada .  It  is  rarely matched  by the  prepackaged   varieties.   Traditionally  this is  how  it is made .  First a  thin batter of  rice  flour  is   spread  on  banana  leaves .     These  leaves  are  rolled,  tied, and  steamed  or  boiled . After  they  are cooked   the  leaf bundles   are taken out   and unrolled .  Once  cooled  you are  left  with  small pieces   resembling  broken  rice  paper. Here is  how  I make  these  at home .

Ada For Payasam

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Yield: 1 C

Ada For Payasam


Rice Flour - 4 Tbsp
Sugar - 1/2 Tsp
Ghee - 1/8 Tsp (a pinch)
Water - 8 Tbsp


Mix rice flour , sugar and ghee. Mix well so that the ghee is absorbed into the rice flour and no bits remain.

Add water and stir well to form a lump free thin batter .

Bring water to boil in a covered steamer pan .

Grease the steamer rack. Pour a few tablespoons of batter on it. Swirl to coat evenly to form a thin layer. Steam for 2 to 5 minutes till set.

Remove From the steamer . Transfer to a cutting board and cut into bits .

Repeat the process with remaining batter .


If you are lucky to have   banana  leaves  handy ,  line  the  steamer  rack  with   it to give  that  authentic  feel .   Lets get started…

Mix rice  flour ,  sugar  and a pinch of  ghee in a  bowl . All the  ghee  should be absorbed by the  flour . No bits  of  ghee  should  be  visible .  Add   enough  water – about  double  the  quantity of  flour by volume –   and  stir  to make a   thin  lump free  batter .

Grease a  steam pan    and  pour  a  few  tablespoons of  batter in it  .  Swirl the  pan  to  spread  the  batter  evenly  to  form a thin layer .  Transfer  to  a  steamer and  steam  covered  for  2  to 5   minutes  until set .    Use   any convenient  steamer set up you have –  a plate or  cake tin on a  bamboo steamer , pressure  cooker  pans   and  such .  All  the  matters  is  the  the  batter  should  be  in a  thin layer,  about  couple  of  millimeters  thick , no more .

Once cooked   removed  from the  steamer  rack   and  cool  for  1  minutes .  At  this   time  you can either  invert it  on to a  cutting  board  or  gently peel it off the  pan and  transfer .

Use a knife  or  pizza  wheel to  cut  it  into  small pieces .


If  making  Ada  the  same  day ,  transfer  the  cut pieces  to a  bowl    and  pour  enough   cool water  over  it to  keep it  covered .   Alternately  spread on a  flat pan  dry and  store  in an  airtight   container  for a  few  days .


Now  that you have  the  fresh Ada  lets it is time  make  Palada  or  Ada Pradhaman


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