German Apple Cake

Apples  offer a  variety of   desert  options .  Pies , crostatas ,   caramel  apples  the  options  are  endless .  Usually  if  we  have  surplus  apples  they  end  up in  a  pie  or   crostata .  Warm  apple  pie   with a   scoop of  vanilla  ice cream  is   something  to die  for …  but   here is a  close  second  – German apple  cake .    Way easier  to   make  and  utterly  satisfying .  Unfortunately it  never  stays  long  enough  for me   to take  good  pictures .Here is a  cake that is  loaded  with apples , that  you  can   make  with  pretty much any kind  of  apple at  hand .

Our  neighborhood bakery  used to  sell these  beautiful cakes  years  ago.  It  was  filled   with   chunks  of  apples  and   full of  buttery goodness .  In  my version I do  not mix  the  apples in the  batter. It  started as  way to  satisfy a picky eater at home , but  soon  everyone  began to love  the  decorative  look .
This is  a beautiful  cake  that   stands out  on  its  own .  No need  to  frost   just  a   dusting   of  powdered  sugar  or  drizzle of  caramel  sauce  just before  serving  is  all it   needs .
Bring  all the   ingredients to room  temperature .  30 minutes  to an hour  on the   counter  will do the   trick for  eggs  and  butter .  Sift  the   dry ingredients together , at least  once   and   set   aside .   Grease  and   dust a 9 inch  spring  form  pan , line   with a  parchment paper .
Peel  and   core  the  apples .  Slice   them  into 1/4 inch  thick slices  .  Mix   with the   juice of  half a  lemon , cinnamon   and brown  sugar . Set  aside. Preheat  the  oven  to 350 degree F . Cream  the  butter  and   sugar  well .  Add  eggs one by one  and  beat well till light  and  fluffy.   Mix  vanilla  essence .  Gently  fold in  the   dry  ingredients . Do not  over mix .  if  you are  using a  mixer   try to  be on the  lowest  speed .  this  batter is  a  little   thicker  than  normal cake  batter .
Scoop  the batter into  the prepared cake  pan , Use  the  back of  the   spoon  to  spread to the   sides  and  smooth the  top. Arrange  the  apple  slices on top .  Do not   worry about the  overlap , as  the  cake  bakes  the  batter  will rise  and  the  apple slices  will  spread  out .   The   apples   would have  given  out   some   juices in  the  bowl.  Pour  the   juices  evenly over the   apple  slices .
Bake for  20 to  25  minutes  till a   skewer  inserted  in the  middle  comes  out  clean .   The  oven  temperatures   vary  slightly as  the  water content in the  apples .  Check to see if  it  done   at  20 minutes .  If  the  skewer  does  not  come out  clean  add  bake  for  5  more  minutes  and  try again   till  cooked  through .

Serve   with  a  dusting of  powdered  sugar ..

Enjoy !

German Apple Cake

All Purpose  Flour – 1 C
Sugar                      – ½ c
Butter                      – 1 stick  ½  c
Baking powder      – 1 tsp
Salt                           – a pinch (optional)
Eggs                        – 2  large
Vanilla  essence    – 1 tsp
Apples                     –  3
Lemon                     – 1
Cinnamon               – 1 tsp
Brown  sugar          – ¼ c

Peel   and   core  the  apples
Slice the  apples into  ¼ “ thick pieces .
In a  non reactive   bowl   add the  apple  slices  and   juice  of  half a   lemon  ,   cinnamon  and   sugar .  Stir to  coat  the  apple slices evenly .  Keep  aside
Cream the  butter  and   sugar  .
Add eggs  one  by one  and   mix  well  till light  and   fluffy
Add   vanilla  essence  and  mix  well.
Gently  fold  in the   dry ingredients.  Do  not  over mix .
The  batter    should  be  a  little  thick .
Spread  the  batter  into a  prepared  9 inch spring form pan .  Smooth  the   top .
Arrange  the  apple  slices   on  the top ,  overlapping   each other .
Pour the  remaining   juices   from the  apples  over  the   slices   evenly .
Bake in the  preheated  oven   for  20 – 25  minutes  until a   skewer  stuck the  middle  of  the   cake   comes  out  clean .  Ovens  vary     and  as the   water  content in   the  apples  . So  check at  20 mins   adding  5 mins  to  the baking  time  every time  till  fully cooked .
Cool in pan for  5   minutes . Remove  from  the pan  and   cool  completely .

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