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Fort Kochi – On the Spice Route

Wow I can  not  believe that  it  is  5 years  back  that  I spent a  day at Fort Kochi !  To be  fair   we  did  spent a  night on the  beach  after  that, but  well there are  no pictures  to  share !!!

Are you wondering  where  we  were  and  what  I am   talking  about ??

Fort Kochi became the go to place whenever we have an afternoon to kill in Ernakulam . It is beautiful and surprisingly quiet. A little away  from the  heart of  the  city and  away from the  traffic,  the  streets  here are lined  with  18th century colonial era buildings. There is the St. Francis Church – India’s oldest European Church , Fort Immanuel -the bastion of the Portuguese, the Dutch Cemetery, Santa Cruz Basilica , and  I could  list  a  number of  other  heritage homes a number of old heritage homes nearby. Many of  which  are  converted into   stores   and   hotels.

Fort Kochi ,  Curios on  Display

The  streets  lead  to the  waterfront.  This is  not a  beach  for  you to   lay down  and  relax, but  for  people  watching  and  shopping for curios.   If you are lucky you can  see  the  Chinese Fishing  nets  in  action .

Chinese Fishing Nets

The  fishermen  were   raising   a  net  as  we   were  strolling  along.

This  was  not a  big  catch.  But  if you  like  seafood,  there  is  nothing  like  fresh caught !!!  Here are a  few  more  shots  from the  waterfront :

You can  buy  fresh seafood   and  have  it  cooked  in the   nearby  restaurants.

I found  these  tribal  ladies  hawking  jewelry on the  side.   Now   they are   far   away from  home,  roaming  from place  to place   to make a  living. I had  to   stop and  buy  something !!!

See the  makeshift  playpen for  the  baby ?   The  lil kid  had  just  woken  up as  I was  talking  to his  mom.  If  you  ever  find  yourself  fancying  something  that   they sell , do bargain.  That is  the   expectation.  Every other  hawker   will be  on your  heels  if you pay the  full price.  I am not  discouraging  anyone  from   being  generous, but  just asking  you  to be  discreet.

There is  something  here for  the   history buff ,   the   collector ,  the  people  watcher    or  the   foodie   in you .    We  were  so  taken in  by the  seafood  and   the  people   that   time  ran  out  before  we could get  good  pictures of  historic  buildings  .    Well  there  is  the  reason to go back !!! 

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