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No Fail Cranberry And Peach Cobbler

This is  a one  of the  easiest  cobbler  recipes  you will find.  The  flavors  of  summer and fall  blend together  beautifully in this  rustic  dessert.

Easy Cranberry And Peach Cobbler - Easy No fail From Scratch Recipe

This   dessert  sort  of  happened    organically.  I was  at  the  store  and  there  was  this  bag  of  cranberries, the  first  batch of  the  season, a  few  feet  away  there were peaches , the  last  batch of  the  season!   Naturally I  felt  compelled  to  buy some  of  each and  made  this!  Don’t  worry if  you cant  find  fresh  fruits,  it  will taste  great  with  frozen or  canned  ones.   But if  you happen  to  get  fresh  fruits  go for  it ‘coz  it  tastes  so much FRESH-ER.

I make  cobblers, crumbles  and   galettes  quite  often.  These  are  easy to make  and    a  great  way to  use  up any extra  fruit  you have.   Unlike   pies  and  tarts  these  do not   require   that  much attention.  Miss  the   measurements  a  bit  and   it  will still taste  good.  Unless  you   replace  sugar  with  salt  or   leave  it  in the  oven  for an  hour  or  longer there is   very little  that  could go  wrong .

This is a  from scratch recipe that is  perfect for a  busy  schedule.  This  dessert  does  not  need  much  panning  and  can  be  made  in a  hurry  or  when  unexpected  company  arrives.  Mix  everything  together  and  place the pan in the oven   while  you get  on  with the   rest of  dinner.  Just a  hint –  you will be  showered  with compliments   if  you serve  it warm  topped with a  scoop of  ice  cream!

To Peel  or  Not

Usually  fresh  peach   cobblers  call for  peeling  the peaches  first.   Obviously  peaches do  not like  the  idea  of  being skinned.  With most  other fruits  that  share the peachy attitude  a  peeler  will  do the  trick (ex.apples).  Unfortunately  a  peeler  is  not  the best  tool   here  either.  The  easiest  way is  to immerse   the  peaches  in boiling  water  for  a  minute  or  2.  Transfer  to  ice cold  water    to  stop   cooking. Take it  out  and  the a skin will slide  off the  fruit   with  very little  effort.

…. but …. 

This  method  requires  a large  pot of   boiling  water,  and  a  large  pot   of  ice cold  water … me  think NOT.

Moments  like  these   give  rise  to  more  profound   thoughts … Why peel  the  fruit ???

The  skin is  pretty  and  any nutritionist  will tell you   that  it  is   the most  nutritious  part  of  a  fruit. So unless   you are  dealing  with   a  heavily  preservative  coated   fruit  LEAVE THE  SKIN ALONE. Just   core  and    slice  the  fruit  into  ½  cm  or  so   thick pieces.

Sometimes  the lazy  way is the  best  way ?.

Easy Cranberry And Peach Cobbler - Easy No fail From Scratch Recipe

No   fresh  fruit?

Use  canned  or  frozen  of  course. The  recipe  stays  the  same.  It  will not  be  a  good  idea  to  dump all the   frozen   fruit  in to the   hot  buttered  pan.   Otherwise  nothing  changes.  That  said  if  you   get a  chance   make  this   with  fresh  fruits … it  does  taste   better.

Like  to bake  with  fresh fruit?   Try these  recipes

Easy Cranberry And Peach Cobbler - Easy No fail From Scratch Recipe

On to the   crust

I like  to make  the  topping   from  scratch.    Think of  it as my    way of  quality control. But  here   are a  few  other  ready made   options  that  will work  well

  • Pancake  batter – Mix   in the  same  consistency as  pancakes  or  a  bit  thicker with  extra  sugar.
  • Frozen Biscuits –  roll out  and   layer on top of the  fruits.  Sprinkle  extra  sugar  on top.
  • Puff pastry  shells –  Same as  biscuit  dough.

Easy Cranberry And Peach Cobbler - Easy No fail From Scratch Recipe

Serving  options

When  you are   done  cooking   the  cobbler  the  age  old  dilemma  resurfaces – What  do I serve  it with.  Often  times  I dont  get a  chance to  ponder it ,  the  scoops  and  hands  start  attacking   the  pan as  soon as  it   reaches  the  dinner   tables.  But  wen  the  crowd   more , lets say ,  civilized – try these …

  • Topped with scoop of   vanilla  ice cream
  • Topped  with whipped  cream
  • With a  generous  dusting of cinnamon sugar
Easy Cranberry And Peach Cobbler - Easy No fail From Scratch Recipe

Cranberry And Peach Cobbler

By Syama
This is the most delicious and easy to make fruit cobbler recipe. Peaches and cranberries being the flavors of summer and fall together. The soft cookie like topping adds a lovely textural contrast .
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 8


For the  fruit  layer

  • 6 Peaches  Notes
  • 2 C Cranberries
  • ½ C  Sugar  Notes
  • ¼ Unsalted Butter

For  the  crust

  • ¼ C Unsalted Butter,  Melted
  • ½ Sugar
  • 1 AP Flour
  • 1 Tsp Baking powder
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
  • ¼ Tsp Salt
  • ¼ Milk

To serve

  • Vanilla  Ice  Cream
  • Whipped  Cream


  • Slice  the  peaches into ½ inch  thick slices  or   cut into cubes.
  • Cut  ¼ C  butter  into  small pieces and  scatter  in the  9 X 13  pan (or  the  pan  being  used )
  • Place the  pan in the cold  oven . Turn the  oven to  350° F (175° C) and  leave  to  preheat.

Make the  crust

  • Melt  ¼ C  butter.  To this  add  vanilla,  1 C  flour , salt , sugar  and  baking  powder.
  • Stream the  milk into this mix  and  stir  to  combine  until  all the  flour  is  moistened. You will get a   dough that  is a  bit  softer  than the  cookie dough.


  • Check the  pan  in the oven. When the  butter  has  melted take  it out. Swirl  the pan to coat  all the sides  with melted butter .
  • Spread  the sliced  peaches  in the bottom of  the pan. Sprinkle  ½ C  sugar evenly  over  it.
  • Spread  the   cranberries  over  it   evenly.
  • Scoop  the  batter  in  small batches  and  dot  all over  the  top of  the  fruits.
  • If  needed spread  a  little. The  small gaps  will fill as  the  batter   spreads  while  cooking.
  • Place  in the oven   and  bake for  35  to 40 minutes  or  until the   fruits  turn bubbly and   the  tops  have  browned.


  • Remove  from the oven  and  serve  warm.  


  • 1  can  contains about 3 -4  peaches.  If  using  canned  use  about 2 .  Drain  one  can   and  use  the  liquids  from other.
  • The  amount  of  sugar  in this  recipe  makes the  cobbler   mildly sweet. With these  amounts  you taste  the  more  of  the  fruit than  sugar.  Adjust  to your  preference.
  • Use  raw  or  brown  sugar.
  • For  a  more  even   cake like   topping ,  add  more  milk to the  topping   to make  it  into a  thick  batter.  Drizzle  over  the   fruits. 
  • The  cooking  time   is  for  9X13  pan. When using  smaller/larger  containers  adjust   the  time  accordingly.

Important: Nutrition Values are estimates. Actuals vary based on ingredients and serving size.

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Easy Cranberry And Peach Cobbler - Easy No fail From Scratch Recipe


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