How To Make The Softest Spongiest Milk Bread – The Hokkaido or Japanese Milk Bread

Hokkaido Milk Bread Inside view

Hokkaido Milk bread or Japanese milk bread is one of the softest and freshest tasting milk bread ever. This has a very nice oven spring and the bread is very spongy and tastes incredible even when toasted plain . It uses the tangzhong method to enhance the bread’s softness and keeping qualities.

Flan Glorious Flan

Simple Caramel Custard or Flan

Flan  or caramel custard is  an  elegant  desert   that  is  fit   for   company   or   to  be  indulged in all  by  oneself.   A good  flan is  hard  to  resist  – silky smooth  and  sweet  with  a  caramel  crown.  This is  the  grandmother  of  all self  saucing  puddings.   When you have  something as  pretty as  this , all you need  is  to hide  the  extra spoons .. or  so I have  been  told ;-).   

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Orange Pound Cake

Orange Pound Cake
What  do you do  when  a  bowl full  of  oranges  is   sitting on  the   counter ??  Juice  them  perhaps  .   There are  tonnes  of   ways   to use  them  up .  This  time I decided  to   go for a    simple  elegant  treat – Orange Pound  Cake . Bursting   with   citrus flavor, this is  a  winner  all the   time . 

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A Trip To Varkala – Soft Sands, Cliffs And Sea Food

Varkkala split log canoes on the beach

The  western coast of  India has a lot of beautiful beaches.  Here you find soft  fine  sand, clear  warm   waters  and  plenty of  sea food, provided  you like the  spicy kind !   Most  of the   beaches  are   close to  fishing    villages,  where for  generations  the  people  has  depended on   the  ocean    to make their  livelihood.    Varkala  too is one  such  beach – beautiful   coastline,  soft  sand , shallow  waters  and plenty of  sea food to go around !  

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